See It Differently: The intersection of clinical data reporting and research


Limited resources, financial constraints, and data access barriers have long hindered the full potential of clinical research efforts. It’s time to see research differently.

Join us for an exclusive webinar exploring how clinical data sets intersect with study data, helping to unlock opportunities, expand revenue streams, and revolutionize the landscape of clinical research in 2024 and beyond.

This webinar is for you if…

  • You’d like to access more and better research opportunities that fit your patient population, without expending additional resources
  • You’re seeking innovative ways to keep pace with research requirements, including those pertaining to CoC accreditation
  • You’re curious about the untapped potential of your clinical data and how it can advance patient care
  • You’re interested in transforming your obligatory reporting data from a perceived cost center to an asset with infinite possibilities

About the Q-Centrix Research Network:

The Q-Centrix Research Network facilitates connections between hospitals and research sponsors, allowing hospitals to use their registry data as a principal dataset for clinical trials. It provides access to the right opportunities, data, and services to pair study opportunities with the right patients.

Download the slides here.