Who we Are

Defined by our people + technology

With industry and functional experts in 50 states connected through technology, we partner with healthcare organizations to unlock the value of their clinical data™.

The power of four key ingredients

Q-Centrix utilizes market-leading software, the largest and broadest team of clinical data experts, an analytics and reporting data structure, information and the best practices from more than 1,200 hospital partners to curate meaningful, high-fidelity, complete and secure clinical data.

Market-Leading Software
Team of clinical data experts
Analytics and reporting data
Best practices from hospital partners

Milton Silva-Craig, Chief Executive Officer, explains the eCDM™ platform.

Our organization is united by a strong set of values, including a deep commitment to quality improvement in the work that we do and the way we run our business.

Always future-facing

Our partners' needs are constantly changing, so we continually seek new and better ways to serve them. To do this, we bring new talent and technology into the organization, acquiring new companies, and developing new capabilities, for example, in regulatory reporting.

We partner at every level of healthcare organizations, whether as a trusted advisor to top management or as a teammate or coach for data managers. Through expert teams and market-leading technology, we implement best practices and collaborate over the long-term to curate clinical data, identify insights, drive improvement, and unlock next-generation performance.

Powered by knowledge

Our work requires a rigorous understanding of every partner’s context, dynamics, and technical environment. For this reason, we study changes within technology, trends, and emerging best practices in all areas of heath care quality. We publish our findings extensively and we engage with leading thinkers on the most pressing issues facing our partners and industry. Our perpetual learning also helps advance the practice of clinical data management.

Personal & virtual connections

Across all 50 states and more than 250 health care specialties, we work as one team with a common goal—to unlock the value of clinical data. Although the largest portion of our team works in virtual environments, our connections are deeply personal. We’re tremendously driven to achieve a mission that inspires everything we do—to measurably improve the safety and quality of care they deliver.

With our national network of over 1,300 clinical data experts, we apply industry expertise, diverse skill sets, and next-generation technology to each business challenge.

“There is no finish line for growth.”

— Raghu Bukkapatnam, Chief Growth Officer

Helping you grow

When you work with us, growth becomes the most dynamic, powerful source of progress. We bring together experts from all over healthcare to lead a market transformation; from leaders in strategy, industry experts, business intelligence professionals, data scientists, and many other skills to co-create your unique path of growth.

Winning in a quality-centric world
White paper

Winning in a quality-centric world

Clinical quality is the heart of today’s health system. As health systems transition from facilities to clinical enterprises, now, more than ever, the delivery of high-quality care will distinguish the good from the great and likely determine the winners in any given market. Yet despite substantial time, resources and focus dedicated to quality improvement, many health systems have not realized substantial gains.

Key outcomes:

  • Market-share expansion through physician engagement, satisfaction
  • Sustainable revenue growth through Center of Excellence strategy.
  • Patient reputation management
  • Lower cost through scale, efficiency
  • Data fidelity, transparency and high reliability
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Q-Centrix experts

Cathy Felts

Senior Vice President, Marketing

Eve Hersh

Senior Director, People Experience