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A clear vision of the finish line is inconsequential if you haven’t located the starting line. The distance determines your strategy to win the race.

Unlocking next-generation performance

A health system’s quality performance determines every metric that matters—from sustainable revenue growth and physician recruitment and retention to customer satisfaction—and is the primary driver of competition among health systems. Despite its importance, many health care leaders express frustration in their ability to meaningfully inflect quality.

A primary impediment is the absence of critical information. It’s imperative that health care executives intimately understand their current state to chart a precise path to success.

Advisory solutions

Design a strategic path to next-generation performance with our Advisory Solutions. Our team of enterprise quality experts understand all aspects of quality data management. This team of previous health care system leaders are equipped to understand your most difficult challenges and ensure that you obtain the information and insights you need to design an informed strategy to unlock your data.

Enterprise value assessments

The Enterprise Value Assessments return a comprehensive blueprint of your current quality program. This engagement is designed to understand current investment, performance against key industry benchmarks, and identify risks or opportunities.

Q-Centrix developed two Enterprise Value Assessments: Big Picture and Maximize Value. The Big Picture assessment focuses on total cost of ownership; Maximize Value Assessment studies both investment and performance to determine risks and opportunities.

  • Big Picture Assessment
    Understand your enterprise clinical data management cost of ownership, risks and opportunities.
  • Maximize Value Assessment
    Understand your enterprise clinical data management cost of ownership and team performance, risks and opportunities.

Data integrity assessments

Data integrity is at the heart of any effective clinical data management program. A Q-Centrix Data Integrity Assessment may be used in conjunction with an Enterprise Value Assessment or on its own to deliver a comprehensive report on your enterprises’ data accuracy. The Clinical Data Validation engagement is designed to understand current workflow, data accuracy against industry benchmarks. and identify risks or opportunities.

The stakes are rising for CMS-reported electronic clinical quality measures (eCQM)—the number of measures and implications for failures are increasing each year. Our team of experts offer an eCQM Validation assessment that includes a review of workflow and the manual abstraction of cases to determine the fidelity of the data. Then, the report concludes with any identified opportunities and risks.

  • Clinical Data Validation
    Understand your enterprise clinical data management data accuracy based on workflow and re-abstraction.
  • eCQM Validation
    Understand the accuracy of the data you’re submitting to CMS, risks and opportunities.
Vetting the value, clinical data governance
White paper

Vetting the value, clinical data governance

As a first step in an enterprise approach to clinical management, health systems must create a governance process to determine what measures will truly impact their performance.

Key findings:
There are many opportunities to realize the value of participation in registries outside the clinical insights. In fact, the competitive advantages have become almost equally as important. There are resources and partnerships available to help maximize value, and Q-Centrix is one of them.

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