Quality Measurement and Improvement

See healthcare quality differently

Imagine a future where rapidly changing requirements have no impact on your organization’s data integrity or efficiency.

Adapting to outmaneuver variability

Changing requirements create variability in workload and training for internal teams, resulting in reduced performance and data integrity.

As a result of managing almost 500,000 clinical data transactions per month, our efficiency remains best-in-class despite changing requirements and our data integrity is gold standard.

Our scale, expertise, and technology curtail the impact of the variability.

Our regulatory expertise

Core Measures

  • ASR: Acute Stroke Ready Measures
  • CSTK: Comprehensive Stroke
  • ED: Emergency Department Throughput
  • GMCS: Global Malnutrition Composite Score
  • HBIPS: Hospital-Based Inpatient Psychiatric Service Measures
  • HH: Hospital Harm Measures
  • IMM: Influenza Immunization Measures
  • MET: Screening for Metabolic Disorders
  • OP: Outpatient Measures
  • PC: Perinatal Care Measures
  • SDOH: Screening for Social Drivers of Health
  • SEP: Sepsis Bundle Project Measures
  • STK: Stroke
  • SUB: Substance Abuse Measures
  • THA/TKA: Total Hip Arthroplasty/Total Knee Arthroplasty
  • TOB: Tobacco Treatment Measures
  • TR: Transition Record Measures
  • VTE: Venous Thromboembolism Measures

eCQM management

Our comprehensive enterprise clinical data management approach empowers healthcare facilities to manage the complexities of eCQM reporting with ease and accuracy. Q-Centrix clinical data experts are qualified to review 100% of available and required eCQM's.

  • GMCS: Global Malnutrition
  • HH-Hyper: Hospital harm hyperglycemia
  • HH-Hypo: Hospital harm hypoglycemia
  • HH-ORAE: Hospital harm opioid
  • OPI-1: Opioids
  • OP-40
  • PC-02
  • PC-07
  • STK-2
  • STK-3
  • STK-5
  • VTE-1
  • VTE-2

Our eCQM service includes:

  • Validation: With an in-depth review process, we ensure the data you submit to CMS and other regulatory bodies is of the highest integrity.
  • Data management and analytics: Our advanced eCQM dashboard offers real-time insights into data trends, documentation needs, and compliance rates, enabling proactive management and continuous improvement.
  • Expertise and support: Leveraging our team of over 1,300 clinical data experts, we provide ongoing education, support, and partnership to handle the nuances of eCQM requirements, helping your team stay ahead of regulatory changes without the burden of additional training.
  • Process improvement: We help streamline eCQM processes, reducing the time and effort your staff spends on data management and allowing them to focus on patient care and other critical activities.

American Heart Association/Get With The Guidelines (GWTG)

  • GWTG: Heart Failure (HF) & Advanced Certification in Heart Failure (ACHF)
  • GWTG: Stroke
  • GWTG: Resuscitation
  • GWTG: Cardiogenic Shock
Smart strategy returns greater engagement and data integrity
Case study

Smart strategy returns greater engagement and data integrity

Sharp HealthCare transformed their quality department: The Vice President, Quality & Patient Safety identified growing inefficiencies related to changing regulations. The burden of work resulted in a disconnect between the quality department and the units. Providers were accustomed to receiving information six months after discharge.

Results of the Q-Centrix partnership:

  • Data integrity improved; compliance increased by 33%.
  • The quality team engages and educates their clinical teams with current core measure data.
  • The team implemented new rules, checklists and alerts to prevent fall-outs before they occur.
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How we work

At Q-Centrix, our Core Measures workflow includes simple steps that ensure meaningful, high-fidelity, complete and secure data.

Patient lists are provided via the Case Upload tool in Q-Apps® or a secured SharePoint.
Cases are assigned to clinical data specialists, who abstract and enter information into a designated vendor tool.
Questions or missing documentation are flagged for collaborative review with your team.
A random sample of cases are pulled monthly for review and are scored, in the form of inter-rater reliability (IRR).
Your team accesses real-time data in the vendor tool at any time as cases are completed.

Q-Centrix experts

Paul Gasque

Senior Director, Client Delivery

Bryan Wojnowski

Vice President, Strategic Initiatives & Regulatory Market