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Product & Engineering

Solve important problems with great software.

We’re dedicated to bringing top-of-the-line solutions to those who need them most.

How we do things

Great Place to Work CertifiedThanks to a collaborative environment and deep mutual respect, our Product and Engineering teams don’t make decisions without each other. Together, product owners and engineers drive the right balance of “shake things up” and “stay the course.”

Here’s how we do it:

  • Knowledge and feedback flows freely—we’re deeply curious people who love learning and teaching, and seek those traits when interviewing talent.
  • Thorough testing ensures developers can change things without letting bugs into production.
  • We use the right tools and tech for the job.
  • While we primarily work in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and React, we’re language and framework agnostic.
  • Work-life balance is something every company promises. We’re good at actually maintaining it.

Latest Product & Engineering positions

There are no job openings.

Progress in your career

You bring unique skills, experiences, and interests to your work, which means your career experience should also be unique. For these reasons, we encourage people to open their minds to all the exciting twists and turns their careers may take along the way.

Develop yourself

When you start with Q-C, we’ll review our career progression framework with you so you can start thinking about all you want to accomplish. Then, supported by our People Team, you’ll collaborate with your manager to put clear, custom development plans into action to help you get there. And hey, if those aspirations change along the way—which they often do—that’s cool, too! One thing is for sure: you’ll learn a lot along the way.

Stay open

Feedback is the name of the game. A member of the Engineering team summed it up when they said “I have never worked for a company where people solicit feedback the way we do here…we’re very deliberate about it.” We create safe spaces for two-way feedback, and provide lots of guidance on how to request, provide, and incorporate feedback for all team members.

Culture is a shared responsibility

We operate with a growth mindset—continuously listening, learning, and trying new things…all in an effort to provide world-class employee journeys and rewarding work experiences.

What’s the Q-Centrix brand all about? It’s about being driven to put 100% quality effort into whatever we’re doing. Achieving a vision, big or small. And inspiring each other to rock out in our day-to-day work or even just at a Q-C event!
Bryan Wojnowski

"I'm able to envision a long future surmounting challenges at the same company."

Jamaal Kirkpatrick
Senior Development Operations Engineer

Hiring process, meet the talent team

We can’t wait to get to know you! Feel free to apply for a role that stands out. Can’t find the right role? Let’s talk—we’ll help you navigate your options.

Here’s what to expect during the Q-C hiring process:

The right role

Find your fit.

Find the right role for you (you can browse our openings here). Then, apply online with a current resume.

Want to talk before applying? Fill out this quick form.

Phone screen

Have a chat.

You'll have conversation with a Product & Engineering Talent Specialist who is well-versed in how our product team operates.


Meet your hiring team.

Should things feel like a good fit for both parties, we’ll pair you up with a few folks from our hiring team—perhaps a Lead Engineer, someone from DevOps, or our VP of Engineering.


Show us how you think.

We'll give you a take-home test or exercise to assess your skills.


You're our candidate.

If your background and our needs align, it’s offer time! Your Talent Specialist will walk you through all the finer points and help you navigate your upcoming transition.

Q-Centrix Experts

Alissa Luck

Chief People Officer

Brian Foy

Chief Product Officer

Lauren Gerstner

Senior Director, Product Operations

Bryan Wojnowski

Vice President, Strategic Initiatives & Regulatory Market

Michael Cordell

Vice President, Technology

George Saldivar

Talent Acquisition Lead

Eric Shelley

Scrum Master

Get the process started.

At Q-Centrix, we hire people who love learning, value innovation, and believe in our mission and values to improve outcomes in healthcare. We applaud qualified applicants who are accountable and committed to producing quality work. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we support and value diversity, dignity, and respect in our work environment, and are committed to creating an inclusive environment in which everyone can thrive. Read more

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