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Every moment matters when designing an effective partnership for transformation.

Powered by expertise & experience

When you partner with Q-Centrix, your vision instantly becomes powered by the expertise of more than 1,300 clinical experts and the experience of more than 1,200 hospital partnerships. Throughout every stage of your Q-Centrix partnership, we’ll employ every opportunity and technology to study your organization’s unique context and culture in an effort to make your journey ideal.

The power of our expertise and experience defines our best-in-class processes to ensure successful achievement of your vision.

The Q-C process

Inform & clarify your strategy

  • To clearly understand the current enterprise quality program investments, the first step is an assessment: Enterprise Value Assessment.
  • Our enterprise experts will conduct a qualitative and quantitative analysis to identify your total cost of ownership, risks, and opportunities in order to chart a precise path to success.

Define & refine the model

  • With the assessment complete, the teams will begin building a Data Management Model. During this stage, experts will work with enterprise leadership to clarify future work, workflow, and outcomes.
  • The Data Management Model build is a lean process that defines and refines the optimal data management model through a series of seven key milestones focused on data mapping, workflow, and education.
  • Our project management experts implement solutions across the breadth of our portfolio, aligned with your distinct context and tailored to industry best practices.

Test & validate quality

  • Prior to the completion of your Data Management Model Build, the quality assurance protocols will begin. Once we identify the ideal clinical team of experts, we will test and validate their expertise.
  • Harnessing the power of data science to deliver the gold standard in accurate clinical data, the Q-Centrix quality assurance protocols are embedded into all of our solutions.

Earn & maintain trust with analytics

  • Making use of our market-leading technology, Q-Centrix offers an analytics package as part of every partnership that outlines key performance metrics to establish and maintain trust in the fidelity of our data.
  • The Q-Card reports quality assurance activities monthly. The dashboard populates element match rates within our inter-rater reliability process, total quality reviews for each service line, historical trends in case volumes, fallouts, and much more. The Q-Centrix Exception Report ensures data accuracy by capturing and reporting each instance of a fallout or exception.

Enterprise clinical data management model

The Q-Centrix partnership is built on a proven process for success:

Assess current quality operations

Build a new data management model

Test and validate data integrity

Socialize reports to ensure trust

Q-Centrix experts

Bryan Wojnowski

Vice President, Strategic Initiatives & Regulatory Market

Eric Crites

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Business Development