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Options for data configuration

There are a number of different data solution configurations offered by Q-Centrix. The following specifications are intended to begin the conversation. When partners engage a specific set of solutions, they receive a system requirement manual.

HL7 ADT interface specification overview

To enable interfacing with the Q-Centrix Universal Registry Solution in Q-Apps®, please review the general HL7 ADT v2 specification for demographic data below. Please include all required data mapping segments to ensure a successful interface. ADT Data Mapping Include the following ADT segments with related ADT trigger events to answer the specified demographic information.

The Q-Centrix specification is based on HL7 version 2.3.1. Although it is preferred, using HL7 version 2.3.1 is not required to interface with Q-Apps. Our technology can support any HL7 2.x version. When possible, we ask that the facility provide the version, originating system software and version number, and a sample message.

VPN setup

While each engagement is unique, Q-Centrix prefers a site-to-site connection.
For a detailed outline of the specifications, please contact us.

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