Trust for engagement

In an industry rampant with risks to data integrity, establishing trust is the sole path to engagement.

Building trust

To be the leader and not the led, you need high-fidelity data at the heart of your decisions. Pervasive absolute trust in your clinical data is paramount. Healthcare leaders need to embrace new technologies to establish and cultivate trust in the integrity of their data in addition to—and often prior to—their outcomes and improvement discussions.

Making use of our market-leading technology and depth of expertise, Q-Centrix offers an analytics package as part of every partnership that outlines key performance metrics to establish and maintain trust in our high-fidelity, complete and secure clinical data output.

Our innovation-led approach to partnership enables trust through total transparency.

Data integrity analytics

Quality metrics

The dashboard populates element match rates within our inter-rater reliability process, total quality reviews for each service line, historical trends in case volumes, fallouts, and much more.

Exception reporting

Real-time, in-depth reporting on key performance indicators beyond what typical registry participation provides for a greater understanding of performance.
Elevating health care quality through centralization
White paper

Elevating health care quality through centralization

Health care providers have experienced favorable results from centralization strategies for at least a decade. Yet, quality departments have lagged their peer hospital departments. In this study, we interviewed Q-Centrix partner hospital system leaders who implemented at least one of three primary centralization strategies within hospital quality.

Key findings:

  • Of hospital leaders that have implemented one or more centralization strategies, all have experienced positive results.
  • Leading health care organizations have experienced upwards of 20% cost-savings by incorporating centralization strategies. The cost-savings increased as work volumes rose and/or varied.
  • Performance improvement resulting from improved data integrity was realized as early as three months after the centralization effort was completed.
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