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Advancing our organization’s mission

You bring the curiosity, empathy, creativity, and drive, and we’ll bring the challenging and gratifying work, camaraderie, and resources to help you succeed.

We're all familiar with health care in some way.

Whether you’ve been in health care forever or have only experienced it from the patient side, we want to talk to you. We understand that different perspectives are essential to transforming the industry. That's why Q-C team members come from a variety of backgrounds, bringing diverse ideas and therefore tons of value.

Where we work

Just like the array of backgrounds we invite into the company, we also hire from anywhere and everywhere (within the United States). Since our inception, we’ve been a primarily remote organization with two corporate offices – one in Chicago and one in San Diego. While some roles are always remote and others tend to be office-based, we’re pretty open to welcoming great talent no matter the location. After all, our strong connections, meaningful work, and passion for Q-C transcend any one place.

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Q-C careers in action

Great Places to Work CertifiedEveryone and anyone can develop and advance—by going deep, moving up, or moving over. At Q-Centrix, professional development is employee-led and leadership-supported—pairing people with the right opportunities and resources to grow their skills and careers.

Many of our team members hunger to learn and grow within their existing team or chosen track—and we help them do just that. We also regularly facilitate non-linear career explorations, supporting team members as they test out different work experiences via cross-functional projects, unique educational pursuits, and lateral and upward moves into new teams. Here are some of our stories:

Excited to be a member of the Business Coalition for the Equality Act!

In the spirit of perpetually learning and meaningful collaboration, a team member shared this important opportunity with us, so we immediately joined — one of many important steps confirming our commitment to diversity and reinforcing our Q-mmunity as an inclusive, safe and belonging environment.

Milton Silva-Craig,CEO

"I am forever thankful for the journey that Q-Centrix has taken me on."

"Since 2016, I went from Recruiter to Talent Partner to Manager of Talent Acquisition! Then, I trusted my instincts and applied for one of our Business Development positions—a role that I am now happily serving in today."
Catherine Dossey, Senior Growth Manager
"Whether it's helping my team work through something complex, or simply being there to offer encouragement during a challenging time, I'm committed to helping build an environment of trust and camaraderie."

"Learning the ins and outs of my role allows me to continually develop a deeper understanding of both my work and the communities I serve, which in return allows me to perform to the best of my abilities while I'm aiming to expand our Q-Centrix family."

"Everyone at Q-C, even those on different teams, is enthusiastic and always ready to support, uplift, and collaborate with one another."

Mike Mulligan, IT Analyst

Hiring process

Your hiring process will be tailored around the role you’re applying for, ensuring you get a good sense of the job and the people, and we can learn what we need to about your background and interests. While it differs by team, here’s what you can typically expect:

The right role

Find your fit.

Find the right role for you (you can browse our openings here). Then, apply online with a current resume.

Want to talk before applying? Fill out this quick form.

Phone screen

We'll reach out to you.

A Talent Specialist will have a conversation with you to gauge your suitability for the role.


Hopefully it’s a match.

Should things feel like a good fit for both parties, we’ll pair you up with a few folks from our hiring team.

Some of the experience will be tailored for you or dependent on the role, but the common thread will be opportunities for us to get to know you and you us.

Offer time

You're our candidate.

If your background and our needs align, it’s offer time! Your Talent Specialist will walk you through all the finer points of an employment offer and help you navigate your upcoming transition.

Q-Centrix Experts

Alissa Luck

Chief People Officer

George Saldivar

Talent Acquisition Lead

Get the process started.

At Q-Centrix, we hire people who love learning, value innovation, and believe in our mission and values to improve outcomes in healthcare. We applaud qualified applicants who are accountable and committed to producing quality work. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we support and value diversity, dignity, and respect in our work environment, and are committed to creating an inclusive environment in which everyone can thrive. Read more

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