Meeting the new CMS health equity measures: An inside look at Houston Methodist’s approach

Synopsis: This article discusses CMS’s new health equity measures, shares the steps Houston Methodist has taken to work toward meeting the new measures, and offers suggestions for how hospitals can prepare to meet these measures and further their ability to address health disparities in 2023 and beyond 


Is your facility prepared to meet the new CMS health equity measures? With one measure’s reporting period starting in May 2023, many hospitals and health systems are working hard to prepare—but facilities may vary in their levels of preparedness. Q-Centrix found that just 12 percent of hospital and health system leaders felt their facility was very prepared to meet one of these measures, while most felt less prepared.   

Our newest article shares how one of our partners—Houston Methodist, a Texas-based health system comprising an academic medical center and six community hospitals—has taken steps to meet CMS’s new health equity measures. This article also offers lessons learned for hospital and health system leaders working to address these measures and advance health equity.

While preparing to meet the new measures is an ongoing process, Houston Methodist’s experience so far offers a valuable example for facilities that are working toward advancing health equity and addressing health disparities in 2023 and beyond. 

This article is for:

  • Healthcare professionals and administrators who are interested in staying informed about the new health equity measures proposed by CMS.
  • Physicians, nurses, quality managers, hospital administrators, and other healthcare professionals who are responsible for ensuring equitable healthcare delivery and compliance with CMS regulations.


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