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We combine our market-leading, enterprise-class clinical data management software, an action-driven analytics engine and the insights of more than 1,000 partners across the country to help you succeed.

Next-generation performance

As today’s health system rapidly evolves toward a true clinical enterprise, there is no strategic imperative more important than providing the best quality care—a key determinant of whether a health system is built to last.

Despite its importance, many healthcare leaders express frustration in their ability to meaningfully impact quality.

A health system’s quality performance determines every metric that matters—from sustainable revenue growth and physician recruitment & retention to customer satisfaction—and is the primary driver of competition among health systems.

The Enterprise Clinical Data Management approach combines information, technology, community insights, and deep clinical expertise.

Enterprise Clinical Data Management

We use a comprehensive approach called Enterprise Clinical Data Management—eCDM™.

  • A blueprint for quality culture that encompasses the strategy behind improving quality.
  • Complete, high-fidelity and secure quality data management to support a hospital’s or system’s strategic imperatives.
  • Industry-wide best practices and tools that move data to information to action.

Enterprise Clinical Data Management

Blueprint for quality culture

  • Establish clear priorities
  • Centralized governance
  • Elevate quality dialogue

Data & analytics as core

  • Enterprise data abstraction
  • Consistent, high data quality
  • Timely data for physician buy-in

Performance improvement focus

  • Align to broader data strategy
  • Leverage quality “community” for best practice
  • Clear accountability for goals

Best in class offering

Partnering with some of the top health systems in the market, our team works with the health system’s quality leaders and broader leadership team to deploy an enterprise clinical data management platform that is purpose-built to transform clinical quality.

The Enterprise Clinical Data Management approach combines information, technology, community insights, and deep clinical expertise.

By leveraging our market-leading technology, clinical experts, analytics and information, and insights from our partner community, we build a differentiated quality culture, capture clinical quality data, and drive best-in-class performance.

Vetting the value, clinical data governance
White paper

Vetting the value, clinical data governance

As a first step in an enterprise approach to clinical management, health systems must create a governance process to determine what measures will truly impact their performance.

Key findings:
There are many opportunities to realize the value of participation in registries outside the clinical insights. In fact, the competitive advantages have become almost equally as important. There are resources and partnerships available to help maximize value, and Q-Centrix is one of them.

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