Mission and Culture

Driven by purpose

The Q-Centrix identity statements offer insight into what drives us to give data purpose.

Our mission

To measurably improve the safety and quality of patient care by unlocking the value of clinical data.

Our purpose

Safer, consistent, quality healthcare for all.

Our promise

There is nothing more valuable than clinical data—it is the bedrock to improving the health of others. At Q-Centrix, we take our role as stewards of clinical data seriously. Healthcare enterprises rely on us to make their data meaningful, delivering real-time data that is high-fidelity, complete, and secure. We combine clinical data with our expertise to drive advances in quality which results in improved clinical performance, market competitiveness and profitable growth.

Our values and beliefs guide our actions every day.

Courageous Innovation

We believe in disrupting the status quo, developing powerful ideas, taking risks, and initiating meaningful change that creates measurable value in healthcare.

Perpetual Learning

We believe in continually developing a deeper understanding  of our work and the communities we serve as we constantly seek to improve our solutions.

Empowered Accountability

We believe that empowerment is the key to achieving goals, and we hold ourselves and one another accountable for our actions, performance, and results.

Meaningful Collaboration

We believe the greatest ideas come from meaningful collaboration, developed on a foundation of mutual respect and acting consistently with the highest integrity.

Quality Improvement

We believe the path to safer, consistent, quality healthcare for all is through adhering to the highest standard of quality and committing to continuous improvement in the work we deliver every day.

Embracing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB)

At Q-Centrix, we embrace diversity and inclusion as sources of strength and competitive advantage. The combination helps further transform us into a community of team members and partners and extends into the communities in which we all live and serve. A diverse community, where people feel as though they belong, enables broad perspectives to flourish, fueling trust, collaboration, and innovation, which in turn drive more meaningful improvements for our team members, hospital partners, and their patients.

And so, for these reasons, and because it’s simply the right thing to do, we work diligently to invite, foster, and honor diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Our DEIB Pillars

This work is centered on three strategic pillars, rooted in three important questions that guide our work.


How do we reach and attract diverse talent in pursuit of an even more thriving, representative team?


How do we further build, maintain, and enhance an inclusive culture in which everyone not only feels as though, but knows they belong?


How do we best engage our community so that they can have a deeper understanding of how to play an active role in creating a positive culture?

Q-Centrix experts

Sara Bienvenu

Manager, Clinical Quality Growth

Doug McGill

Managing Director, Advisory Solutions

Eric Crites

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Business Development

Raghu Bukkapatnam

Chief Growth Officer