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Delivering data with a purpose

The Q-Centrix solutions have evolved from enabling clinical data management to driving critical insights that change the way health care enterprises understand and address performance. Alternative solutions only solve for individual unit needs. The Enterprise Clinical Data Management (eCDM™) platform is a comprehensive solution for health care enterprises that nurtures technological co-discovery and empowers leaders with the information they need to thrive in a quality-centric world. Creating the right environment for our technology to leverage your data is critical to the product.

We deliver data with a purpose by focusing on IT infrastructure, security, data science, automation and analytics.

EPIC Solution

Health care leaders are not able to get everything they need from their EMR platform. Even health systems that are flagship partners of the large EMR providers, using everything that the EMR, are not able to use everything effectively. Therefore, the industry recently invested in an application effort– the creation of smart, innovative, well-designed solutions that execute on a specific task within a clinical workflow that the EMR vendors simply cannot offer. In accordance with the trend, EPIC created its own App store, known as the App Orchard, in 2018. Q-Centrix joined the App Orchard in 2019. Leaders who use the EPIC Caboodle reporting tool can easily access solutions with the Enterprise Clinical Data Management platform.


Security first

Security threats to patient data are at an all-time high in terms of volume, impact and sophistication. Data breaches cost the health care industry more than $5.6 billion annually. In 2019, health care providers reported a 37% increase in major data breaches [more than 500 patient records] from the previous year. Adding gravity to an already complex issue for health care executives is the documented relationship between data breach remediation efforts and the quality of patient care.

As a leader in the market, Q-Centrix received the highest certification, SOC 2 + HITRUST to offer our partners the a secure clinical data management platform for their data.

Q-Centrix experts

Brian Foy

Chief Product Officer

Victor Low

Director, Information Security

Michael Cordell

Vice President, Engineering & Data Science