Cardiology Technology

Accelerating access to insights

At the heart of every health care provider, the capture of cardiology data is undergoing an accelerated transformation to support near real-time physician engagement in the clinical data.

Cardiology software

Combining multiple impressive features and intuitive analytics, the Q-Centrix cardiology software within the Enterprise Clinical Data Management (eCDM™) platform offers benchmarking and workflow capabilities that you cannot get anywhere else.

The comprehensive solution combines our team with this state-of-the art technology to return meaningful, high-fidelity, and secure data insights.

The robust analytics package allows physician teams to identify the critical information needed to positively impact patient care.

The comprehensive solution combines our team with this state-of-the art technology to return meaningful, high-fidelity, and secure data insights.

Take a peek at the easy and intuitive analytics in our cardiovascular software. Then, contact us for a full demonstration!

How we work

The cardiology software uniquely manages the entire process from enterprise-level case assignment, data management and submission, through analytics and insight reporting.

Case Assignment

  • Upload cases
  • Assign cases using workflow management

Data Management & Submission

  • Capture data elements
  • Easy navigation and robust validation tools improve accuracy and efficiency
  • Submit directly to NCDR, CathPCI Chest Pain MI, ICD, Afib Ablation, STS-ACS, GTS and CCORP, and GWTG-CAD

Dashboard & Reports

  • Performance reports population to provide real-time insights
  • Explore patient outcomes reports
  • Discover insights into team efficiency and accuracy workflow reports

Unlock the value of your data

Team performance benchmarking

Best practice data for understanding optimal workflow performance and driving efficiency.

Team performance benchmarking
Outcomes reporting

Outcomes reporting

Real-time, in-depth reporting on key performance indicators beyond what typical registry participation provides for a greater understanding of performance.

Detailed dashboards

Data populates in insight-driven dashboards designed to provide accelerated access to insights, including performance trend discovery as well as data accuracy and outlier review.

Detailed Dashboards
The modern advantage
Case study

The modern advantage

Clinical quality is the heart of today’s health system. As health systems transition from facilities to clinical enterprises, now, more than ever, the delivery of high-quality care will distinguish the good from the great and likely determine the winners in any given market. Yet despite substantial time, resources, and focus dedicated to quality improvement, many health systems have not realized substantial gains.

Results of the Q-Centrix partnership:

  • Market-share expansion through physician engagement, satisfaction
  • Sustainable revenue growth through Center of Excellence strategy
  • Patient reputation management
  • Lower cost through scale, efficiency
  • Data fidelity, transparency and high reliability
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