A simple security story

Health care data provisioning is anything but simple. In fact, the risk associated with data access is among the most challenging issues facing health care executives today—known more commonly as cyber security. 

Security culture

Q-Centrix is SOC 2 + HITRUST certified. The achievement added to an already-robust and multi-faceted set of data security best practices at

Q-Centrix. In fact, the company maintains a strong security culture based on a perpetual focus on cyber security and the engagement of validation and authentication models.

Q-Centrix is at the forefront of cyber security in a quickly evolving ecosystem.


To thrive, leaders must direct more staff time to clinical data management or find innovative methods to meet their growing demands.


The AICPA collaborated with HITRUST to align their reporting frameworks and develop a combined assurance program known as SOC 2 + HITRUST. The program maps between the HISTRUST CSF requirements and the AICPA’s Trust Services Criteria. Audited by a CPA, the integration between the two reports creates a more complex and reliable assessment. SOC 2+ HITRUST is a combined assessment that offers substantial value for forward, security-minded health care organizations.


Q-Centrix received SOC 2 + HITRUST in 2020. 

A security culture

A shared set of values that dictate the importance of security is paramount to creating a security culture and a security-conscious workforce.
As an organization that places the greatest value on data, Q-Centrix has established strict policies and protocols to maintain our security culture.

Encryption for all health care data stored and transmitted

Data recovery and backup mechanisms

 Two-factor login authentication for anyone permitted to access information systems

Workforce security training

Secure building entrances

Restricted equipment areas

Video camera surveillance

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Health care clinical data privacy & security

 As care requirements become more complex, third-party partnerships throughout the organization deliver innovation as well as an additional entry path to data. As a result, health care executives are often forced to choose between innovation or data security. As a result, cyber resilience has become virtually unattainable and leading organizations have shifted their focus to speed of detectioncontainment, and remediation.


Based on the current market dynamics, organizations must seek the greatest levels of data privacy and security. SOC 2 + HITRUST offers the greatest levels of data security in the health care clinical data industry.  


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