Clinical data services

Next-generation clinical data management

Sooner or later, legacy perspectives stifle progress. Our enterprise partnerships help healthcare organizations unlock value from their clinical data, guiding you throughout the transformation journey. We start with clinical expertise that builds a future-ready foundation for market-leading technology.

Rising administrative costs

For almost half a decade, clinical data leaders have reported their largest departmental investment is dedicated to staffing resources. In fact, experts estimate that up to 85% of the typical healthcare quality department investment is dedicated to staff salaries, training, and related costs.

How we can help

Combining four key elements, Q-Centrix’s Enterprise Clinical Data Management (eCDM™) is an industry-leading approach that leverages clinical data capture, data integrity, and technology to provide targeted, purpose-driven insights for better outcomes across entire healthcare and life sciences organizations.

Unrivaled clinical expertise

Our clinical data experts are all Q-Centrix employees—not contractors—so we’re committed to their training and retention. In fact, our team possesses expertise you cannot find anywhere else.

By the numbers


85% have a clinical nursing background


In aggregate, they hold over 1,500 certifications for 59 different specialties


More than 50% were in hospital management prior to Q-Centrix


85% have more than ten years of hospital experience prior to Q-Centrix


Expertise in nearly 300 clinical data registries

Q-Centrix experts

Cybil Parker

Senior Manager, Client Operations

Jill Wheelwright

Senior Director, Client Services

Paul Gasque

Senior Director, Client Delivery