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Every healthcare leader is a technology leader

As executives look to build for tomorrow, lessons of the past define a new way of understanding healthcare that requires a new way of running it.

Enterprise-level clinical data insights

Long-standing norms about how healthcare organizations operate and how care is delivered are being challenged in the current market. Amid the chaos, the critical nature of enterprise-level, secure clinical data insights have become clear — instantly transforming every healthcare leader to a technology leader.

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Designed to help hospitals and health systems harness the full potential of their clinical data, Q-Apps enables organizations to centralize their data and adopt an enterprise clinical data management approach.

See how Q-Apps allows for fast, efficient, and collaborative improvement.

As a new future forms on the horizon, the Enterprise Clinical Data Management platform is the only state-of-the art solution equipped to respond.

How we can help​

The Enterprise Clinical Data Management (eCDM™) platform unlocks the value of clinical data™ through the combination of deep clinical expertise, market-leading technology, information and analytics, and the insights of more than 1,200 Q-Centrix partners.

Technology: Enhancing our clinical data expertise is visionary and scalable technology that uses proprietary software and innovative AI and NLP engines to give structure to unstructured data. All with SOC 2 + HITRUST compliance for data security.

Leading the market in privacy and security

The Q-Centrix best-in-class technology maintains market-leading security through SOC 2+ HITRUST compliance. The certification added to an already robust and multi-faceted set of data security best practices. In fact, the company maintains a strong security culture based on a perpetual focus on cyber security and the engagement of validation and authentication models.

Elevating operational quality with the power of artificial intelligence
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Elevating operational quality with the power of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have the power to take on complex problems and drive business practices focused on performance and efficiency at both macro and micro levels. Accordingly, one of the biggest opportunities to leverage AI in health systems is with clinical data. Based on thousands of cases, hundreds of partners, and thousands of data abstractions per day, Q-Centrix has learned how best to use AI and clinical data to improve operational quality.


  • External experts offer objective perspectives and valuable experience that can lead to transformative solutions across the spectrum from data transaction to technology implementation.
  • Data scientists, project managers and IT experts bring complementary viewpoints and skill sets that combine to create practical solutions that drive significant improvement.
  • Timeliness of data plus the power of AI enables experienced clinical data experts to turn data into actionable items.
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