A foundation of modern technology

Q‑Apps™ is the Q‑Centrix cloud-based health care quality information system that houses the technology to augment the clinical intelligence and efficiency of our quality experts, measuring performance and effectiveness and supporting real-time quality surveillance and reporting. Within our Q-Apps platform, our Core Technology and all of our Apps deliver instant, accurate quality information that empowers providers to meet and exceed quality requirements.

Q-Apps solution capabilities

  Core Measures Registry Peer Review Mortality Review eCQM Infection Prevention Concurrent Review Universal Registry
Q-Card℠ (Core)
Exception Reporting (Core)
Case Detail (Core)
Integrate & Capture Data
Real-time Surveil Performance
Analyze prior to Submission
Submit and Report

The Q-Apps data workflow

With patient data spread across numerous information systems, providers often have no way of understanding their organization’s true quality performance. Q‑Apps captures structured and unstructured quality data from multiple information sources to be used within our solutions.

Once the data is created and entered into EMRs or other information systems, it is extracted via our data integration engine or abstracted by our quality experts into Q‑Apps.

Our data integration engine connects the Q‑Apps platform with hundreds of data sources through modern application programming interfaces (APIs) that support common formats and protocols, such as HL7 and CDA.

The Q-Centrix team of Quality Information Specialists then verify and enhance the data before presenting it to our partners for review in an easy-to-understand dashboard or report before submission to third parties like CMS, NCDR and others.

Designed by quality leaders, clinicians, and computer scientists, Q‑Apps is tailored to the needs of hospital quality departments. The ability to customize and automate workflows within Q‑Apps was added to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and performance of quality departments. Even custom care protocols are easily added to the system for benchmarking or concurrent review. The system was tested and refined by more than 1200 quality information specialists over the past five years.

Watch our vision come to life with Q-Apps.

Q-Apps feature overview

All of the Q‑Centrix solutions combine the modern technology of Q‑Apps with our quality information experts to augment the team's clinical intelligence and efficiency. Each solution includes our Core Technology and access to our customer portal.

Q-Apps core technology features

  • The Q‑Card℠, the only scorecard of its kind offering the ultimate level of partnership transparency through key quality performance metrics.
  • Exception Reporting, reports each time a fallout, event or exception is discovered.
  • Case Detail, a downloadable file outlining each case related to the monthly invoice.

Feature-rich apps

Working alongside the Core Technology, our apps add additional data and reporting functionality. They include:

  • Concurrent Review
  • Infection Screenings
  • Universal Registry