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With over 1,200 hospital partners and 1,300 clinical data specialists, Q-Centrix offers unprecedented access
to patient data with guaranteed integrity for expedited insights and innovation.

See real world data differently

Finding patients and high-fidelity data for research can be challenging. Q-Centrix provides clean, fit-for-purpose data using real-world populations. Our expert team ensures data integrity, reducing the burden of sourcing data and finding patients, allowing you to expand your research capabilities and take on more projects confidently.

Custom Data Sets

What if you had pre-abstracted data along with the ability to source data directly from major hospitals and health systems?

Using top-quality data from leading hospitals and health systems nationwide, we build data sets tailored to your research needs, whether ready-made or custom-built.

*Q-Centrix delivers quality data sets up to 6 times faster than traditional studies.

Patient Recruitment

What if you could support hospitals with efficient patient recruitment instead of adding to the site’s burden?

We help you identify study-eligible patients across key sites, ensuring accurate and efficient recruitment for your clinical trials.

*Our experts access data from 1,200+ hospital partners, using EMR and unstructured chart data to screen patients.

Unlock superior data access with our Research Network

The Q-Centrix Research Network provides access to a vast repository of accurately structured registry data from partner hospitals. Our high-quality data and seamless access support your research needs, driving innovation and success in life sciences.

Next-generation expertise

Kate Sheeran

Director, Clinical Research

Victor Wang

Senior Vice President, Data and Research

Deanna Waldrop

Vice President, Client Services and Data Integrity