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Clinical Data Quality & Integrity

Committed to data integrity

Clinical data is the most valuable asset within your healthcare enterprise; it’s the bedrock of patient care. But what value does that data have if it's not accurate, complete, and consistent at every step?

Dynamic, risk-based approach

Q-Centrix knows data integrity affects many factors across a healthcare system or hospital, including patient outcomes, physician engagement, reimbursements, recognition, accreditation, and clinical research. A foundational piece of Q-Centrix's eCDM™, our data integrity program responds to the evolving needs of a changing healthcare landscape to support these use cases and continuous process improvement. Highly-trained clinical data experts ensure the integrity of your data from start to finish with a dynamic, risk-based approach that includes quality checks throughout the entire clinical data lifecycle.

We dedicate nearly 140,000 hours per year to quality assurance, touching over 20,000 cases each month.

About our data integrity program


Our proprietary AI-powered software has been trained to identify inconsistencies in your data and flag them for an experienced professional to review. Go beyond incidence and prevalence rates to unlock real-time treatment insights.


Q-Centrix clinical data experts have abstracted over 13 million cases, answered 100 million clinical data questions, and impacted over 22 million patients. This vast experience across all clinical segments and platforms makes us uniquely knowledgeable about where to focus for the greatest quality impacts and risk reduction to help foster a high reliability organization.


Our clinical data experts hail from across the health care industry. Currently practicing nurses, former department heads, and other leaders work together, asking questions and sharing knowledge to discover the best solutions for your unique challenges and drive continuous improvement.


We invest over 11,000 hours every month in quality-related checks. That’s the equivalent of 62 full-time employees consistently scrubbing, analyzing, and double-checking every piece of data that crosses their desks. Additionally, our internal education platform and rigorous testing ensures our experts have the most up-to-date knowledge at all times.

Quality champions

At Q-Centrix, quality is more than just a box to check. We consider ourselves quality champions because our commitment to data integrity drives everything we do. From investing in the continual education of our clinical data experts to developing the most innovative technology and highest standards in the industry – we are stewards of high-fidelity information during the entire data lifecycle.

Elevating operational quality with the power of artificial intelligence
White paper

Elevating operational quality with the power of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have the power to take on complex problems and drive business practices focused on performance and efficiency at both macro and micro levels. Accordingly, one of the biggest opportunities to leverage AI in health systems is with clinical data. Based on thousands of cases, hundreds of partners, and thousands of data abstractions per day, Q-Centrix has learned how best to use AI and clinical data to improve operational quality.


  • External experts offer objective perspectives and valuable experience that can lead to transformative solutions across the spectrum from data transaction to technology implementation.
  • Data scientists, project managers and IT experts bring complementary viewpoints and skill sets that combine to create practical solutions that drive significant improvement.
  • Timeliness of data plus the power of AI enables experienced clinical data experts to turn data into actionable items.
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Q-Centrix experts

Deanna Waldrop

Vice President, Client Services and Data Integrity

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