Oncology Analytics

Realize the untapped potential

While cancer registries were the first entrants to the registry market, that doesn’t necessitate legacy technology. It’s time to realize the untapped potential of oncology data.

A fresh perspective

Capture and analyze 250-plus data points within the cloud-based, modern architecture of our software—the first new technology to enter the cancer market in more than a decade.

Featuring the same revolutionary technology that powers all of the software within the Enterprise Clinical Data Management platform, the SaaS structure and intuitive interface enable cancer experts to seamlessly capture data elements and identify actionable insights in real-time.

Real-time oncology analytics for tracking accreditation standard compliance and disease trends

Intuitive case finding features to empower your team

Capture and submission to CoC and all individual states

A comprehensive catalog of user-defined fields for data customization

Combine our team of CTR experts with the market-leading software for a comprehensive solution that offers complete, high-fidelity, and secure clinical data with a purpose®.

Deeper insights with oncology analytics

Analyze and interpret your cancer data to identify gaps, retain and attract patients, and make informed decisions with confidence using the insight2oncology® (i2o) analytics software.

  • Identify referral patterns by facility or enterprise
  • Discover trends in utilization of services by volume, disease sites, payer mix, stage, and migration.
  • Expose trends in disease categories by volume across enterprise or facility, migration, stage, payer mix, and race.
  • Benchmark your hospital’s cancer patient volumes by county against state volumes, facility, and location of diagnosis.

How we work

The oncology software uniquely manages the entire process from enterprise-level case assignment, data management and submission, through analytics and insight reporting.

Case Assignment

  • Upload cases
  • Critical insight into key components of historical cancer abstracts for accurate case finding and follow-up management
  • Assign cases using workflow management

Data Management & Submission

  • Capture data elements at all levels: national standard setters (CoC, NPCR, & SEER), state specific data collection, & facility defined additional data capture
  • Easy navigation and robust validation tools improve accuracy and efficiency
  • Submit directly to your state’s central registry and the Commission on Cancer

Dashboard & Reports

  • Real-time insights into CoC measures performance
  • Robust trending of high-impact data — cancer site distribution, treatment modalities, and in-and-out migration
  • Enterprise level comparison of physician and facility performance

Ushering in the new age of cancer data utilization
White paper

Ushering in the new age of cancer data utilization

As the number of hospital participants in clinical registries grows at a pace of 7% each year, the industry’s inventory is plagued with misunderstandings and diminished data integrity. As a result, a treasure-trove of data that could benefit patient care is largely untapped. To realize its potential, hospital systems must address the misconception that the data reflects rudimentary measurement captured exclusively for government reporting as well as staffing issues, data reporting timeliness and clinical and administrative engagement.

Solution: Consistent data procurement model

Data integrity

  • Consider alternative staffing models to accommodate sustainability and ensure standardization both at the facility and system
  • Use concurrent case-finding and abstracting best practices to provide real-time actionable data.
  • Implement a quality assurance program to identify gaps in data completeness and sampling methodology.
  • Provide a high level of staff education to facilitate ongoing skill confidence.


  • Utilize available real-time data for the institution’s Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) efforts, allowing for evaluation, management, and surveillance of the quality of cancer patient care.
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