How we are Structured

Guiding a transformation

Our organization is structured to empower meaningful collaboration and guide courageous innovation for our partners and market.


Igniting an idea in the market

Inspiring transformation

At the heart of transformation lies advancement. You need a winning strategy, powered by insights for advancement to ignite transformation of a market.

The Growth & Enterprise associates guide health care leaders through the winning strategy for a quality-centric world—the enterprise approach to clinical data management. With more than 20 clinical experts and 20 functional experts from around the nation, this team educates the market, assesses current practices, and develops and advises on best practices to unlock the value of clinical data™.

  • Customer success
  • Enterprise services
  • Business development
  • Marketing operations

Featured strategy experts

Raghu Bukkapatnam

Chief Growth Officer

Cathy Felts

Senior Vice President, Customer Success

Jimmy Yamshak

Chief Business Development Officer

Morley Johnson

Senior Director, Business Development, West

Bethany Stanley

Senior Director, Business Development, East

Eric Crites

Vice President, Enterprise Services

Doug McGill

Lead Consultant, Enterprise Services

Mark Alip

Vice President, Marketing Operations

Connie Cook

Connie Cook

Director, Customer Success


Building visionary ways to partner

Enabling achievements

A strategic approach to progress operating models can drive innovation, create better experiences for customers and enable employees to make smarter business decisions. It’s about recognizing that the opportunity to improve is never complete.

With more than 30 functional experts in industry, technology and process, Q-Centrix has cultivated a precise, lean operating practice that delivers value to each partner swiftly and efficiently.

  • Finance
  • Information technology
  • Business systems
  • Client delivery
  • Legal
  • Commercial operations

Featured operations experts

Todd Seiffer

Chief Financial & Operations Officer

Himanshu Varandani

Senior Vice President, Operations

Tod Hanson

Senior Director, Client Delivery

Victor Low

Director, Information Security

Mitchell Bragg

Vice President, Legal & Commercial Operations

Elan Solvik

Corporate Financial Controller

Clinical services

Driving future-facing partnerships

Delivering value

The powerful convergence of our deep industry expertise, technology and operational model build an experience unlike any other. Our clinical data managers deliver meaningful, high-fidelity, complete and secure data insights to define and deliver new realities for our partners.

Health care leaders need a partner—one that is a powerhouse of clinical expertise who will understand the most unique data set as well as the most common. The Q-Centrix client services team is comprised of more than 800 clinical experts within 250 different areas of health care.

  • Core measures & GWTG Stroke
  • Cardiovascular
  • Surgical
  • Oncology
  • Infection prevention
  • Peer & mortality review

Featured clinical services experts

Jelena Virijevic

Senior Vice President, Client Services

Paul Gasque

Senior Director, Client Delivery

Deanna Waldrop

Senior Director, Client Services

Jill Wheelwright

Director, Client Services

Karen Schmidt

Vice President, Oncology Services


Accelerating value delivery

Realizing success

Technology can take your work to the next level; or hinder your progress. Fresh, intuitive and insight-driven solutions will steer your success.

The expertise of more than 40 engineers, architects, designers and data scientists, along with our unique model, enables us to build the best-in-class technology to address all of your challenges and accelerate your progress. Whether it’s through automation defined by our data science practice or the visionary work of our data architects, our software solutions make the most of your data through applied intelligence.

  • Product development
  • Business intelligence
  • User experience
  • Development operations
  • Engineering
  • Data science

Featured technology experts

Brian Foy

Chief Product Officer

Lauren Shannon

Director, Product Development

Michael Cordell

Vice President, Engineering & Data Science

Bijal Hopkins

Senior Lead, Engineering

Jamaal Kirkpatrick

Sr. DevOps Engineer