Unlocking the power of clinical data to elevate perinatal care: Finding solutions in a rural health care setting

Synopsis: This rural New-Mexico-based community hospital overcame tech and talent challenges by using change-testing agility, reduced administrative hurdles, and the power of partnership. As a result, they found solutions to a growing compliance concern with perinatal care measure PC-05.


When hospital inpatient quality reporting revealed a growing compliance concern with perinatal care measure PC-05, a new team member analyzed the related clinical data to identify the cause of increasing fallouts. She discovered that only 20 percent of new mothers were breastfeeding. As a result, the team engaged Q-Centrix clinical data experts to gain greater context for this issue and find targeted solutions.  

This case study is for:

  • Facilities looking to create detailed, accessible documentation and data with little administrative burden
  • Small to medium rural hospitals serving a large population with limited resources
  • Any facility seeking to strengthen partnerships with local organizations and nearby hospitals/systems.
  • Program leaders responsible for connecting patients with local groups and resources
  • Those looking to understand the intricacies and exciting care delivery strategies used by rural community hospitals
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