Data management

Navigating the health care labor shortage and its effects on clinical data management

Synopsis: Q-Centrix shares findings from a new survey about the labor shortage’s impact on clinical data management, offers insights from hospital leaders, and discusses ways to mitigate the effects of the labor shortage.


According to a new Q-Centrix survey, 86 percent of hospital leaders said labor challenges have changed how they manage their clinical data. Leaders have had to rely on staff with less clinical experience and find solutions for maintaining data integrity while understaffed.

This white paper shares the survey’s complete findings about how the labor shortage has impacted hospitals’ clinical data management practices, insights from hospital leaders, and suggestions for lessening these effects.

This white paper is for:

  • Health care leaders who wish to stay committed to data quality amid labor shortage challenges
  • Those interested in understanding the continued need for experienced personnel in clinical data management activities
  • Leaders who are looking for insights into how other hospitals and systems are managing the challenges and opportunities presented by the labor shortage
  • Any health care worker who wants to stay apprised of the latest industry news

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