Leveraging clinical data for OPPE and FPPE

Synopsis:  This article examines the vital role of clinical data in OPPE and FPPE, discusses common barriers to effective OPPE and FPPE processes, and offers insights into how hospitals can most effectively use clinical data to meet OPPE and FPPE requirements. 


Complete control over clinical data is critical to OPPE and FPPE, but finding and reviewing the correct data has its challenges. Fortunately, there are ways for hospitals to use data for OPPE and FPPE efficiently, creating an impact that goes far beyond meeting requirements.

Among other lessons, this article offers tips for leveraging the right relationships, key abilities to seek from tools and technology, and methods of prioritizing data integrity. With these insights, health care leaders will be ready to take the first steps to improve their OPPE/FPPE reporting and unlock more value from their data.

This case study is for:

  • Hospital management searching for assistance in identifying and addressing performance issues
    • including post-procedure infection rates, length of stay trends, patient complaint management, code of conduct breaches, and more
  • Leaders looking to revamp their OPPE and FPPE data collection processes with industry best practices
  • Hospital teams interested in opportunities to automate data reporting efforts and equip themselves with the ability to make data-based decisions


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