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Improving maternal outcomes and inspiring change through TexasAIM

Synopsis: Efforts to improve maternal outcomes in Texas led this Q-Centrix partner, part of the state’s largest non-profit health care system, to participate in an optional maternal safety program: TexasAIM. The facility relied on fast, expert data analysis to meet goals, successfully integrate TexasAIM improvement initiatives, and inspire state-wide change.  


As maternal death rates in the United States have continued to increase over the past two decades, more health systems are leveraging the power of their clinical data to create change.

This Texas-based facility enlisted the help of Q-Centrix to overcome time constraints on leadership, establish a starting point for TexasAIM participation, and work through the vast amounts of clinical data necessary to ensure the program’s success. As a result, the facility began work towards decreasing maternal morbidity rates and leading maternal care improvement efforts for the state, collaborating with other facilities to share best practices and learnings.  

TexasAIM is an optional, state-wide initiative designed to assist hospitals in carrying out maternal safety projects through one-year-long “bundles.” The TexasAIM bundle covered in this study targets post-partum hemorrhage.  

This case study is for: 

  • Organizations looking to improve maternal care through elevated clinical data management 
  • Those attracted to pursuing TexasAIM partnerships of their own or working with similar programs 
  • Facilities in need of alleviating abstraction load from administrative staff 
  • Those interested in the latest updates on maternal care initiatives and research opportunities 

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