“We add a new registry almost every year [to our Q-Centrix solutions]. The need for clinical quality data is so great, and it will only grow.”

— Karlene Strayer, manager, quality data, Mississippi Baptist Medical Center

Simplify your life

While the abstraction of registry data was once assigned as a part-time responsibility to quality managers or nurses within the department, things have changed. Today each registry has unique credentialing requirements. Finding and maintaining that type of expertise is difficult—for some even impossible. And, as the number and types of clinical registries continue to grow, the talent pool of qualified clinical registrars is rapidly shrinking. Adding to the complexity, participants must use a separate vendor tool for each registry.

We make the perfect team

Q-Centrix understands that the two greatest threats to registry data quality—variability in case completeness and data accuracy—can be overcome with a uniquely designed registry technology and expert personnel. After hiring more than 800 quality information specialists from throughout the country, we know how to recruit and onboard them better than anyone in the industry. In fact, our lean processes allow us to seamlessly staff each team with the skill set required for each unique registry.

“The largest single cost to hospitals for clinical registries is that of data management personnel.”

— ACC/AHA/STS Statement on the Future of Registries and the Performance Measurement Enterprise

A few industry friends

Q‑Centrix collaborates with leading organizations in the industry to offer a seamless solution for their members. In addition, our friendships allow our team optimal access to updates, education, and other industry experts.

The American College of Cardiology (ACC)

Q‑Centrix has partnered with more than 150 hospitals on their NCDR participation, resulting in over 200,000 NCDR data transactions since 2013. That’s one of the many reasons Q‑Centrix is the only NCDR compatible data management provider! We help hospitals get the most out of their NCDR participation by allowing them to truly understand their performance.

American Heart Association (AHA)

One-third of Q‑Centrix registry partner hospitals use our GWTG-Stroke solution, resulting in more than 40,000 GWTG-Stroke case transactions a year. So it’s only fitting that the AHA selected our technology and team to support the American Heart Association’s Get with the Guidelines® quality improvement program.

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