Real world data

Demand for data

The demand for clinical data is accelerating and feeding the advancements we are experiencing across our entire health care ecosystem, from precision medicine to population health.

Next-generation evidence

Access to high-quality, complex structured data that powers next generation evidence is increasingly at a premium and powering both clinical innovation and commercial success.

However, so much of the valuable information that these next generation innovations require are trapped as unstructured data in clinical notes and distributed across many sources and systems.

As an industry we are moving beyond the perimeter of claims and standard clinical data.

Our real-world data expertise


Q-Centrix partners with hospitals on their specific clinical data research initiatives.

Real-World Data

Q-Centrix partners with members of the medical community on stages of clinical trial research.

Clinical expertise & contextualization

Organizing and curating these data into medically readable and computable format remains a challenge. Despite much recent progress, artificial intelligence and natural language processing continues to come up short. They have proven largely incapable of the contextualization and interpretation required to satisfy increasingly complex evidence questions. Trained clinicians skilled in quality information are a necessity to unlocking this value.

Elevating operational quality with the power of artificial intelligence
White paper

Elevating operational quality with the power of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have the power to take on complex problems and drive business practices focused on performance and efficiency at both macro and micro levels. Accordingly, one of the biggest opportunities to leverage AI in health systems is with clinical data. Based on thousands of cases, hundreds of partners, and thousands of data abstractions per day, Q-Centrix has learned how best to use AI and clinical data to improve operational quality.


  • External experts offer objective perspectives and valuable experience that can lead to transformative solutions across the spectrum from data transaction to technology implementation.
  • Data scientists, project managers and IT experts bring complementary viewpoints and skill sets that combine to create practical solutions that drive significant improvement.
  • Timeliness of data plus the power of AI enables experienced clinical data experts to turn data into actionable items.
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How we work

Our scale and expertise curate meaningful, high-fidelity, complete and secure clinical data.

Data is extracted or input into the EMR
Data populates within the software
Experts analyze the data for accuracy
Teams analyze the reporting for process improvement

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