Clinical data management for research

The value of clinical data transcends classic use-cases, enabling innovative research applications and visionary health care advancements.

Your research. Our data expertise.

Increase the credibility and speed of your research initiatives with high-fidelity, auditable datasets curated in a highly secure platform.

Our clinical experts’ familiarity with navigating the patient journey through disparate silos – structured EMR, physician notes, lab systems, third-party documents, and more – provides a unique opportunity for healthcare systems to leverage their clinical and real world data for research purposes.

Add value to your research initiatives

Custom dataset creation

Support your facility’s involvement in a multi-hospital observational study, produce disease-specific data sets for NLP training, or leverage the right data for an investigator-initiated study at a partner facility. Whether you are a hospital or a business with access to clinical data, Q-Centrix is able to help you produce datasets for your research needs.

Structure and clarity

Accessing data in physician notes, reports, third-party tests and labs, or other unstructured formats is a significant obstacle to the success of your research initiatives. We help you work with even the most variable physician documentation to produce one clean research dataset.

Dynamic, scalable technology

Getting the most from clinical data requires dynamic technology that scales with your research program. Our SOC2 + HITRUST compliant enterprise platform will help you pinpoint performance improvement and revenue growth opportunities, delivering complete transparency in near real-time for unrivaled efficiency and quality.

The highest data integrity

Data integrity is the foundation of your research, which is why we offer the highest quality data standards in the industry. As stewards of your clinical datasets, we spend approximately 10,000 hours/month on quality-related checks so you can trust your data implicitly.

Education and experience

Q-Centrix has extensive experience in clinical data management, providing expertise and solutions to 1,200+ hospitals for over 12 years. We actively invest in our team's clinical expertise and education to ensure that we are not only the largest team of experts, but the most knowledgeable.

How we work with your facility


You define variable needs, document availability, and case selection.

Feasibility testing

We test the project's feasibility and determine costs based on historical data and test cases.


Project scope and completion timeline are decided.


Our project management implementation team gains access to your unstructured data.


Our experts train the team, adjust data capture tools, curate the data, and complete quality checks.


Research-ready datasets are delivered directly to you.

Hospitals and healthcare systems

  • The production of high-quality clinical and real world datasets to support any research need across every clinical segment and disease.
  • Streamlined integration into your current processes and structure, especially if we currently support your facility in another area.
  • Multi-year observational studies, investigator-initiated studies, and industry-sponsored research projects are a few of the data-driven initiatives we’ve helped our partners successfully accomplish.

Life sciences and research companies

  • Quickly and accurately provide structure to unstructured clinical data for use in any real world data application.
  • Provide high-quality, well-balanced datasets for optimal insight generation and evidence-based value.
  • A decade of experience supporting a range of research & development needs and a nuanced understanding of your data requirements.

Q-Centrix experts

Kate Sheeran

Director, Clinical Research

Victor Wang

Senior Vice President, Data and Research

Deanna Waldrop

Vice President, Client Services and Data Integrity