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Peer review activities provide hospitals with valuable information about their clinical quality, but due to the time-consuming nature of the exercise, many hospitals opt to review fewer cases. The Q‑Centrix peer review solution allows our partners to take advantage of our technology and expertise to review more cases and spend less time.

How it works:


Records are accessed via a third-party tool or reporting functions by Q‑Centrix.


Based on pre-determined clinical quality indicators, the QIS team complete a full chart review.


The record is then available for the partner hospital for review and approval or to forward to the physician or mortality committees, if needed.

Our peer review solution leverages technology to augment the clinical intelligence and efficiency of our team. Q-Apps, our healthcare quality information system, efficiently coordinates the quality review activities and our team ensure that cases are complete.

Let Q-Centrix do the initial review and free key quality resources to do more valuable work.

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