The Q-Centrix Research Network

Connecting hospitals and clinical research sponsors to improve outcomes, add revenue streams, and drive innovation.

Unlock new opportunities to revolutionize clinical research

Limited resources, revenue constraints, data readiness, and access barriers often hinder research efforts from reaching their full potential. The Q-Centrix Research Network removes these obstacles, facilitating connections between hospitals and sponsors conducting clinical research, providing all hospitals with the right opportunities, data, and services to pair study opportunities with the right patients. 


What the network provides

Stable revenue streams without additional staff

Our network seamlessly links hospitals across the nation with clinical research sponsors, opening funded opportunities to contribute crucial registry data for targeted observational and retrospective studies. Q-Centrix expertly manages data abstraction and preparation, eliminating the burden of hiring additional staff or overloading current teams, and allowing hospitals to increase their research throughput effortlessly. 

Patient recruitment and project feasibility tools

Q-Centrix’s clinical technology and data services provide researchers with complete transparency into their patient populations. These insights enable informed decisions that enhance trial design, accelerate timelines, and boost success rates. 

Access to one of the nation's highest-quality data-sharing networks

As a member of our Research Network, you gain access to a vast repository of registry data from other partner hospitals. This data is consistently abstracted and structured, ensuring accuracy and ease of use across various research applications.

Sponsored clinical trial opportunities

Joining the Q-Centrix research network grants partner hospitals exclusive access to pharma-sponsored prospective clinical trials and tailored patient screening services. 

More observational studies

Participate in retrospective chart review research done entirely by Q-Centrix’s best-in-class clinical data experts.

Featured network members:

Experience the difference with Q-Centrix

Q-Centrix research support in action

Revenue growth

An academic medical center utilized Q-Centrix support to decrease case rejections and increase the throughput of screened and abstracted cases exponentially, driving significant per-patient revenue for the hospital, totaling six-figure earnings.

Funded data quality support

A biopharma customer funded Q-Centrix’s clinical outcome abstraction support for a hospital, increasing the speed and quality of the clinical data behind their clinicogenomic biobanking effort.

Site selection and patient recruitment

Q-Centrix technology and services were leveraged to generate “chase lists” for clinical research coordinators, helping in the selection of sites for cancer and cardiovascular trials. Trial accrual numbers were matched to historical patient counts.

About Q-Centrix

With a mission of safer, consistent, quality healthcare for all, our Research Network is a natural next step in our 13 years of providing enterprise clinical data management leadership. We hold a privileged position to use our advanced clinical data management solutions to help hospitals and research sponsors unlock the value of unstructured data to support research initiatives and pave the way for greater efficiency, connection, and innovation with the ultimate goal of saving lives.

In comparison to sponsor-focused clinical data companies, Q-Centrix stands out by offering: 

Connected patient data capture:

Centralized clinical data software captures patient data consistently throughout their journey.

Clinical data expertise:

Our team boasts the largest and broadest expertise in the world, ensuring precision and care in handling your data

Unrivaled data integrity:

Q-Centrix maintains the country's highest standards for data integrity, resulting in clinically rich and accurate insights.

Q-Centrix experts

Kate Sheeran

Director, Clinical Research

Victor Wang

Senior Vice President, Data and Research

Deanna Waldrop

Vice President, Client Services and Data Integrity