Q-Centrix® to provide free platform for clinicians measuring the quality of care amid COVID-19 pandemic

By Q-Centrix | April 15, 2020

Q-Centrix®, the leading U.S. quality data solution provider, announced that it will offer health care providers a platform to capture critical COVID-19 data for the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for free. Separately, the company will offer services to abstract this and other related data at cost. The decision to offer the solution was announced in the wake of four devastating weeks in which the nation’s death toll has reached a global record.

“As an organization that partners with more than 600 health care providers throughout the country, Q-Centrix is acutely aware of the burden COVID-19 has placed on our community. We are tremendously motivated to assist in any way that we can,” explained Q-Centrix Chief Product Officer, Brian Foy. “Our model combines technology and services that provide data to make informed decisions about patient care. Engaging our team of engineers and our quality experts to simplify the collection of COVID-19 data for providers seemed the most natural way to support the industry.”

In lieu of uploading or emailing a spreadsheet to NHSN or FEMA, providers will mine their data in a central location using the Q-Centrix platform. Access to the platform is granted through Q-Apps®, the Q-Centrix quality information system. All Q-Centrix partners have secure entry to Q-Apps as part of the partnership, and therefore have immediate access to the forms. Access for providers who are not current partners can be obtained within 24 hours. The free technology will also include reports that health care providers can use to view trends over time and workflow activity. 

“We understand that many of our partners are currently resource-constrained. Therefore, in addition to a more efficient process, they require the team to capture the data. That’s why we are also offering our experts to do the abstraction,” added Foy. 

Separately or with the free platform, Q-Centrix is offering remote, expert collection of the data to health care providers who do not have the team or require their clinicians to focus on the hospital’s pandemic response. The services will be available to providers beginning April 17, 2020.

“As we continue to gain feedback from our partner community, we will develop solutions that support their unique needs throughout the different stages of this pandemic and recovery,” summarized Foy. “We hope our support of our partners, and the quality community at large, assists them in their learning and further enables their continued delivery of high-quality patient care.”

More information about the NHSN and FEMA solution is available at www.q-centrix.com.

About Q-Centrix®:

Q-Centrix® aims to measurably improve the quality and safety of patient care in the U.S. through the use of its market-leading technology platform, Q-Apps®, that augments the clinical intelligence and efficiency of the industry’s largest and broadest team of nurse-educated, Quality Information Specialists. Processing in excess of two million quality data transactions annually, Q-Centrix is a comprehensive quality partner to hundreds of hospitals, providing quality data solutions, including quality data capture, surveillance, measure calculations, analysis, reporting, and improvement solutions. Q-Centrix’s growth equity partner is TPG Growth, a premier, global private equity growth firm. For more information about Q-Centrix, visit www.q-centrix.com.