Q-Centrix launches the Research Network to expand the impact of clinical data by connecting hospitals and life sciences organizations

By Q-Centrix | November 14, 2023

CHICAGO, November 14, 2023 – Q-Centrix, the largest exclusive provider of clinical data management solutions to health systems, today announced the launch of the Q-Centrix Research Network, a platform intended to establish connections between hospitals and sponsors conducting clinical research, providing all hospitals with the right opportunities, data, and services to pair study opportunities with the right patients.

The Q-Centrix Research Network is comprised of and open to Q-Centrix hospital partners seeking to provide more research opportunities for their communities, as well as industry partners focused on enabling access to clinical research. Leveraging clinical data spanning de-identified electronic medical records (EMR), registry data, labs, and unstructured notes and documents, Q-Centrix is able to produce deep clinical insights that would previously go overlooked and unused in planning, screening, and capturing data for studies. 

The participating organizations are drawn from the over 1,200 hospital partners currently in the Q-Centrix partner network, where Q-Centrix offers a range of clinical data management technology and services, including the expert abstraction of over 4 million patients a year. The depth of data and breadth of access facilitated by Q-Centrix is foundational in connecting participating hospitals with qualified research opportunities, accelerating the impact of clinical data on patient outcomes and healthcare innovation.

The Research Network is designed to drive measurable results for both hospitals and life sciences companies. For hospitals, benefits include the ability to secure new funding sources, gain more value from their clinical data, participate in a broader research community, and perhaps, most importantly, expand their impact in the communities they serve. For pharmaceutical and medical device companies, the Q-Centrix Research Network provides access to a large pool of de-identified, diverse patient data with real world outcomes combined with best-in-class capabilities to build targeted datasets consistently across multiple hospitals.

“The launch of the Q-Centrix Research Network is reflective of our unique capability to build deep clinical datasets and help both hospitals and sponsors better match patient populations with the right trials and treatments,” said Victor Wang, SVP of Research & Data at Q-Centrix. “This skillset enables us to extend capabilities to sponsors, many of whom cite similar challenges for sourcing high quality, real world datasets or Phase IV studies. By partnering with Q-Centrix, they’ll be able to engage hospitals directly for a wide range of studies, sourcing data across all participating hospitals, produced by the same rigorous processes developed by Q-Centrix over the last decade.”

The Research Network directly addresses the barriers these organizations commonly face when conducting clinical research, including insufficient patient enrollment; unstructured, low-quality data; and difficulty in evaluating the right trials for each community – all of which prevent hospitals from matching patients with the right research opportunities from interested organizations. It is these challenges that slow and negatively impact patient enrollment, reflected in a recent study showing that 80% of clinical trials fail to meet enrollment deadlines.

“Q-Centrix has long established itself as a best-in-class clinical data management provider designing solutions for hospital networks and life sciences organizations, spurring research and development that ultimately impacts quality of care and patient outcomes,” said Milton Silva-Craig, CEO of Q-Centrix. “We’re trusted by our hospital partners and their sponsors to produce datasets across cardiovascular, oncology, orthopedics, autoimmune, neurology, and rare diseases. With the launch of the Research Network, Q-Centrix is positioned to leverage these deep clinical datasets to better match patient populations with the right trials.”

With a mission of safer, consistent, quality healthcare for all, Q-Centrix sees the launch of its Research Network as a natural next step in its 13 years of providing forward-thinking enterprise clinical data management leadership to 1,200 hospital and health systems throughout the country. Q-Centrix is in an ideal position to use its advanced clinical data management solutions to help hospitals and research sponsors unlock the value of unstructured data to support research initiatives and pave the way for greater efficiency, connection, and innovation with the ultimate goal of saving lives.

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