Q-Centrix launches Quality Data Index™ to offer insights to leading health care organizations on market trends

By Q-Centrix | March 18, 2020

Q-Centrix®, the largest exclusive provider of quality data management solutions to acute care hospitals and health systems, today announced the release of its Quality Data Index™ (QDI). The proprietary data asset captures weekly patient encounters for inpatient clinical quality programs. Leveraging the full power of the Q-Centrix data engine, the QDI combines real-time data from more than 700 health care providers nationwide with the contextual data output of 1,200 Q-Centrix clinical quality experts. Now, the index is poised to be the industry’s standard measurement for health care quality trends amid the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

“At a time when care is rapidly changing, the QDI is an essential tool for organizations serving the health care provider community,” explains Raghu Bukkapatnam, Chief Growth Officer at Q-Centrix. “The exclusive, real-time data offers our industry partners substantial insight into patient encounter trends that impact them on a daily basis.”

Managed by quality and data subject matter experts within Q-Centrix, the QDI contains aggregate data from all major inpatient clinical quality registry programs. Clinical quality registries are sophisticated databases used to measure care quality for patients with particular diseases or conditions. The index data is updated daily with the latest figures representing weekly participation and workforce performance in the registries. Reporting of the index data can be based on subsets of U.S. state and regions; health care facility size or types; length of patient encounters; complexity of cases; arrival or discharge dates; specific element-level data points; and a number of other key metrics for health care organizations.

Engaging the QDI, leading health care organizations have already partnered with Q-Centrix to understand a range of COVID-19 data trends, from reduced patient encounter volumes in essential medical procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic, the journey to pre-COVID patient volumes in regions of the county, to the increased severity of procedures due to delayed care throughout the pandemic. In addition, research is already underway to identify emerging trends of the COVID-19 aftermath.

“The QDI is a welcome addition to a portfolio of solutions that allows us to serve our industry partners and grow our customer community,” says Bukkapatnam. “We look forward to collaborating with health systems across the country, as well as our industry colleagues, to unlock the full value of this data.”

About Q-Centrix®:

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