Q-Centrix introduces the first enterprise clinical data management platform

By Q-Centrix | March 31, 2021

Q-Centrix®, the leading source for clinical data management in health care, announced today it acquired Cleveland-based, software and services provider, CHAMPS Oncology. The move comes weeks after the market-leader purchased the Quantros® Regulatory Reporting Manager (RRM) software division. These events, coupled with the continued advancement of the Q-Apps® technology platform, a build out of the Q-Centrix data warehouse, and earlier acquisitions, represent breakthrough progress in the realization of its’ strategy—to help hospitals unlock the value of clinical data through the release of the industry’s first SOC2 + HITRUST certified enterprise-class clinical data management platform.

“Over the past 24 months, we have diligently executed our strategy by expanding clinical expertise and technology across all major service lines, and can now introduce the industry’s first enterprise-class clinical data management platform,” said Milton Silva-Craig, Chief Executive Officer of Q-Centrix. “We’ve built out a robust back-end data environment, grown our community of hospitals to over 1,000 partners, and welcomed three new acquisition partners: Certicode Oncology Services, Quantros Regulatory Software, and CHAMPS Oncology services.”

The Q-Centrix Enterprise Clinical Data Management (eCDM™) platform combines clinical expertise, market-leading technology, information and analytics to capture and unlock the value of high-fidelity clinical data across facilities and within key services lines like oncology, cardiovascular, surgical and others. Coupling unparalleled breadth and depth, the platform enables extracting, curating, managing and analyzing clinical data at scale and consistently across the enterprise—all critical capabilities as the demand for high-fidelity data continues to expand dramatically.

“Q-Centrix passionately believes clinical data is one of the most important assets of a health system. For far too long, that data has been managed myopically at a clinical department level by a fragmented ecosystem of technology, services providers, and in-house resources yielding sub-optimal quality and value,” explains Raghu Bukkapatnam, Chief Growth Officer for Q-Centrix. “We set out to change that with our Enterprise Clinical Data Management Platform.”

The eCDM™ engages members of its 800 clinical experts who specialize in more than 275 areas of health care via a modern, best-in-class technology that maintains market-leading security through SOC 2 + HITRUST certification. Clinical data is expertly curated at the highest quality level from across the organization to offer system-level, real-time analytics, reporting and dashboards. Reporting is supplemented with added KPIs, authored by members of the Q-Centrix partner community, and the option to seamlessly round-trip data to any enterprise data warehouse. Finally, best practice profiles and connections from throughout the partner community offer unique engagements, benchmarks and insights.

After a year that brought intense operational and financial pressure on hospital staff and resources, more than 15 health care providers secured a Q-Centrix enterprise partnership, a fourfold increase from the previous year. In fact, the Q-Centrix community of more than 1,000 health care partners—including 9 of the top 10 health systems in the country—grew to include clinical research and life science partnerships.

“The demand for high-fidelity, structured clinical data has grown far beyond quality measurement,” explains Raghu Bukkapatnam, Chief Growth Officer, Q-Centrix. “In addition to supporting a system’s mission of improved outcomes at lower costs, high-fidelity clinical data can be leveraged for competitive advantage, growth of service lines, physician recruitment, and to fuel an ever-increasing demand for real-world data.”

About Q-Centrix:
Q-Centrix believes there is nothing more valuable than clinical data—it is critical in delivering safe, consistent, quality health care for all. Providing the industry’s first Enterprise Clinical Data Management (eCDM™) platform, Q-Centrix utilizes its market-leading software, the largest and broadest team of clinical data experts, an analytics and reporting data structure, and the best practices from more than its 1,000 hospital partners to curate meaningful, high-fidelity, complete and secure clinical data. Its solutions address a variety of clinical data needs, including regulatory, cardiovascular, oncology, trauma, real world data and more.