Forbes: How AI Can Help Hospitals Use Their Data To Transform Clinical Research

By Brian Foy | March 22, 2024

It’s widely known that artificial intelligence (AI) is profoundly reshaping the healthcare industry. Hospitals have used AI in a variety of ways, from streamlining workflows to aiding in bedside diagnosis.

Another sector in healthcare that’s primed for AI-led innovation is clinical research. Clinical research is often lengthy and expensive to conduct, with drug development typically taking 10 to 15 years from start to finish. There is already great interest in improving the state of clinical research: The White House recently launched an initiative to improve clinical trials, and the FDA is exploring the use of AI and machine learning in drug development.

But the potential for innovation doesn’t stop there. With the assistance of AI—and the appropriate clinical expert safeguards—hospitals can advance clinical research by leveraging a valuable resource they already have: their data.

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