NCDR CathPCI expertise:

Results you can see

Background and goals:

A well-known health system in the Midwest set a goal to achieve concurrent abstraction and data integrity for their CathPCI registry.


  • Partner with an outside third party to engage their registry cases
    • Within one quarter of engaging the partner, they were abstracting concurrently and submitting data to the registry on a weekly basis
  • Reallocate clinicians’ time to other projects and tasks with the help of a partner


  • A steady improvement in metrics, reaching nearly the 99th percentile for the composite “discharge medications in eligible PCI patients”
    • Within 6 months, the number of outliers was cut in half and has remained in the single digits for the last 5 quarters


Clinicians can drive performance improvement initiatives, engage physicians, and ultimately make impactful changes with clinical data. Sites and systems looking to improve their data integrity, achieve concurrent abstraction, and more effectively manage their most valuable resource — using it rather than just reporting it — should consider partnering with a third party with experienced clinical data management experts to unlock the value of their data.