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With unparalleled industry experience and expertise, we partner with you to create comprehensive processes and help usher you safely through transformational change.

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Transformative change

Building on pillars of meaningful collaboration and courageous innovation, and powered by proprietary technology and industry expertise, we help partners create transformative change through a series of proven processes that make up a winning framework.


We engage leaders in strategy, industry experts, enterprise function practitioners, business intelligence, data scientists and more to bring your vision to life—we call this meaningful collaboration. 

Our Approach

Your organization is our priority, no matter where you are in your clinical data journey. Our work anchors in your vision, carefully understanding your hospital/health system’s unique operations and culture to deliver substantial results. Through a series of honed processes, including an assessment, defining a data management model, quality assurance and analytics, we empower next-generation performance. 

Tools of Transformation

We unite disparate clinical data initiatives through the thoughtful application of a secure, enterprise-class software platform. To curate and provide structure to high-fidelity data, we apply an outstanding depth of expertise. Our more than 1,000 clinical data experts draw upon knowledge, research, and proprietary tools and education. And to bring meaning and purpose to your data, we add an enterprise reporting and analytics engine and the insights from a network of more than 1,000 healthcare quality leaders throughout the country.  

The end result is a next-generation enterprise clinical data management platform that unlocks the value of your data and gives you the insights you need to flourish in the future.

Unlock the value of your data

How it works

The Q-Centrix processes embrace innovation to drive substantial value in our partnership framework. 

The Q-Centrix enterprise partnership begins with the design of an informed strategy in collaboration with our team of enterprise experts who understand all aspects of quality data management.

A lean process defines the optimal Data Management Model. The build of the model focuses on data mapping, workflow, and education.


The quality assurance to ensure high-fidelity data begins immediately and continues through the life of the partnership.  

Instilling trust in clinical data is paramount to clinical or administrative engagement. Embedded KPIs facilitate absolute confidence. 

Winning in a Quality-Centrix World

Clinical quality is the heart of today’s health system. As health systems transition from facilities to clinical enterprises, now, more than ever, the delivery of high-quality care will distinguish the good from the great and likely determine the winners in any given market. Yet despite substantial time, resources, and focus dedicated to quality improvement, many health systems have not realized substantial gains. 

Results of the Q-Centrix partnership:

  • Market-share expansion through physician engagement, satisfaction
  • Sustainable revenue growth through Center of Excellence strategy
  • Patient reputation management 
  • Lower cost through scale, efficiency
  • Data fidelity, transparency and high reliability

Q-Centrix Experts

Unlock the value of your data