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Welcome to Q-Centrix Institute’s (QCI) Oncology Program!

Our QCI Oncology training program is specifically tailored for Clinical Data Specialists who have recently obtained their CTR/ODS credential If you're ready to take the next step in your career and enhance your skills in data abstraction, this program is designed just for you. 

We understand that each individual brings unique experiences and skillsets to the table. That's why our six-month paid training and onboarding program includes a comprehensive validation approach that allows us to gain valuable insights into your strengths and areas where we can provide additional support. Based on the results from the initial validation, we create a personalized training plan for each tumor site that is specifically designed for each Clinical Data Specialist.

Our QCI Oncology Program takes a blended learning approach, combining critical knowledge with hands-on, application-based learning. Clinical Data Specialists can engage in realistic practice sessions, working with actual abstraction cases. This practical experience not only reinforces your understanding of the concepts but also hones your skills in real-world scenarios. 

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Learn from oncology clinical data experts

Support is a cornerstone of our program. Throughout your journey, you will receive guidance and assistance from our dedicated team of clinical data trainers, managers, and expert CTRs/ODSs. They bring extensive experience and expertise in the field of oncology data abstraction, ensuring you have the resources and mentorship necessary to excel in your role. 

The QCI Oncology Program is designed for people who want to accelerate the use of their education and certification to make a difference.  Take advantage of our QCI Oncology Program to elevate your career and become a highly skilled and proficient Clinical Data Specialist. Q-Centrix Institute (QCI) pairs newly credentialed CTRs/ODSs with Q-Centrix cancer registry experts and trainers, helping them:

Kick off a meaningful career right away

Expand abstraction skills and confidence

Build a robust and diverse network of fellow oncology data experts

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Insights from QCI Oncology graduates

Discover their transformative journey through the program

“Where do I begin with the huge impact QCI has had on my career as a CDS so far? The QCI program for Oncology and my Clinical Data Trainer has set me up for complete success here at Q-Centrix and as a CTR. Between the training modules, the practice opportunities, and the feedback I received, I felt supported and successful.”

Oncology CDS
CTR/ODS and QCI Graduate

“The QCI training program helped reinforce what I had learned in my CTR training and to help me solidify my skills as a clinical data expert. Everyone is so supportive. In the beginning, I was concerned I would feel isolated in my home office. But any time I’m stuck, there is someone available to help, to share a screen, to help me decipher the challenge of the day. At Q-Centrix I learned there is always somebody to show you the way.”

Oncology CDS
CTR/ODS and QCI Graduate

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Senior Director, Client Services

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Vice President, Oncology Market Lead

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Talent Acquisition Lead