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Infection Prevention

Embracing the evolution We’re entering a new era in infection prevention: prioritizing preventive protocols and technology-led innovation that will challenge health care organizations in the years ahead. Unlock the Value of Clinical Data Few areas of health care were as highly impacted by COVID-19 as infection prevention and its protocols. As the dust settles on […]


Chaos in command Trauma leaders are poised for transformation as factors challenging data integrity mount in the most urgent environments. A Difficult Standard Standardization is not frequently found within trauma data programs. While verification is a voluntary and standardized process, center designations are inconsistent across states which creates inequity from one Level III trauma center […]


Starting anew Recent changes in the cancer registry data requirements necessitate concurrent abstraction, a brand-new workflow for the oldest registry in the market. Stewards of your data Cancer programs throughout the country are facing a tremendous challenge—a rising demand for CTRs with a shrinking pool of applicants amid increasing cancer incidents and data requirements. As a […]


Leading with the heart Faced with exploding clinical registry options, case complexity compounded by non-standard definitions, and resource constraints, cardiovascular leaders are forced to embrace new ways of working to deliver on their missions. The impact of growth With the growing number of cardiovascular registries launching each year and the enhancements made to existing registries […]


The case for a core measure solution Imagine a future where rapidly changing requirements have no impact on your organization’s data integrity or efficiency. Adapting to outmaneuver variability Changing core measure requirements create variability in workload and training for internal teams, resulting in reduced performance and data integrity.  Our scale, expertise and technology curtail the […]

An Enterprise Offering

Next-generation clinical data management Sooner or later, legacy perspectives stifle progress. Our enterprise partnerships help health care organizations unlock value from their clinical data, guiding you throughout the transformation journey. We start with clinical expertise that builds a future-ready foundation for market-leading technology. Rising administrative costs For almost half a decade, clinical data leaders have […]

Quality Progress

Integrity is currency Clinical data is the most valuable asset within a health care enterprise; it’s the bedrock of patient care. But what value does it have when it’s inaccurate?   Harnessing the Power of AI An organization’s competence in maintaining data integrity positively affects the organization’s adoption intention for data analysis. When quality data is […]


Trust for engagement In an industry rampant with risks to data integrity, establishing trust is the sole path to engagement.  Building Trust To be the leader and not the led, you need high-fidelity data at the heart of your decisions. Pervasive absolute trust in your clinical data is paramount. Health care leaders need to embrace […]

Data Management Model

Breaking ground on the future Each enterprise clinical data management model is unique to the context of every system. However, the foundation of the model is built on best practices and insights obtained after more than 1,000 hospital partners throughout the country.  An Intelligent Model Without adequate change management solutions, health care providers who embark […]


Clarify your vision A clear vision of the finish line is inconsequential if you haven’t located the starting line. The distance determines your strategy to win the race.  Unlocking Next-Generation Performance A health system’s quality performance determines every metric that matters—from sustainable revenue growth and physician recruitment and retention to customer satisfaction—and is the primary […]