Registry impact and internal value checklist

Now that the assessment process is complete, this checklist outlines six evaluation characteristics and multiple criteria for you to evaluate the suitability of a registry and the impact it has on your system.

In this checklist, you will find two sections to methodically identify the strengths and weaknesses and the internal value that a registry holds with your health system.

How to complete the checklist

Step 1: Download and print the checklist.

Step 2: Review each section and select the appropriate numbered criteria for each evaluation characteristic, placing it in the criteria selection column.

Step 3: Review each section and designate with a checkmark if the criteria is a system priority, place this in the system priority column.

Step 4: Once complete look at the results per evaluation characteristics.

Registry checklist

Assess registries based on criteria like:

  • If and how the registry risk adjusts data
  • The level of clinical detail and value the registry collects for meaningful analysis and specification
  • How data transfer occurs and the ease of manual versus automation, including how internal data is aggregated and stratified once collected
  • How the registry reports are utilized at the health system for performance and quality improvement

Health system checklist

Assess your health system’s use of registries based on criteria like:

  • How the registry participation and reported outcomes align with current health system quality goals and initiatives
  • How the registry reporting is re-ingested to the health system and the utilization of these reports from the clinical practice for performance standards
  • How the registry works with your health system to ensure proper training and orientation to the registry as well as continued support offerings for new participants
  • How does your health system work with the registry to provide patient education materials in digital or print format

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