The Ultimate Registry Solution

Registry data management is complicated. It's even more complex when hospitals participate in many different registries, as is often the case. That's why Q-Centrix developed our registry capture tool. Our patent-pending technology optimizes your registry data and participation by allowing you to view all your data in one place, analyze results in real-time and benefit from unparalleled efficiency.

Q-Centrix is the only NCDR-compatible data management provider. In fact, Q-Registries is a certified to submit data directly to NCDR for the CathPCI, ICD, ACTION and STS registries.

Our integration data engine enables Q-Registries to easily capture and submit data for various registries including the American College of Cardiology's CathPCI, ICD, ACTION and STS registries.

Q-Registries leverages the Q-Centrix Healthcare Quality Information System (HQIS), Q‑Apps™, and its data integration engine, Q-Insights™, to optimize registry participation.

Real-time performance data on clinical care processes
Clinical teams can make immediate changes and positively impact patient care without typical harvest delays.
Full registry data management support
The Q-Registries platform works in tandem with, and complements, our team of more than 800 quality experts to offer a complete support package
Consolidated view of performance across registries and the enterprise
Captures and submit data for various registries within one platform
Complete data integration
Our data integration engine, Q-Insights, offers providers complete integration to Q-Registries via HL-7 and C-CDA formats (e.g., QRDA and CCD).

Simplify your registry participation.

Q-Registries manages the entire registry encounter life cycle – from patient admissions to data capture, to submission, to reporting, to performance improvement for NCDR CathPCI, ICD, ACTION and STS registries – in an easy, efficient, and real-time manner.

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