Infection Prevention Technology

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Few areas of health care were as highly impacted by COVID-19 as the infection prevention organization and its protocols. As the dust settles on 2020, the clinical data will determine the sustainability of all that’s changed.

Technology in control

An IP spends more than five hours a day collecting, mining, and reporting clinical data. In fact, as a result of an exponentially increasing demand for publicly reported infection data, many IPs are exclusively focused on clinical data management.

To maximize efficiencies and provide real-time data to help IPs detect and control infectious diseases, The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology encourages healthcare facilities to invest in infection tracking and monitoring.

The combination of our infection prevention experts and market-leading software result in a comprehensive solution for infection prevention.

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Data-driven determinations

  • Data is updated in real-time within the dashboard for review and approval of the determination.
  • The reporting offers easy drill-down features to view comments or the logic of each determination prior or after submission.

Access the data that matter most

Expert review

Each screening is reviewed by an expert team member based on a series of NHSN-based questions that are entered into an algorithm for final determination.

Drill down

Access all of the screenings and drilling down based on a focused area of interest such as MRN, Procedure Codes, Admission Dates, Determination, or added custom data.

How It works

Our solution offers high-fidelity data when it’s needed most and the detail you need to discover trends and insights.

Positive screens are populated within Q-Apps.
Our team of expert IPs reviews cultures using NHSN protocols to identify any HAIs.
Outcomes are reviewed and reported.
Data is analyzed by our team of experts for any trends or insights.
Baptist Hospital drastically reduced infection rates, saving more than $1.2 Million
Case study

Baptist Hospital drastically reduced infection rates, saving more than $1.2 Million

Baptist Hospital wanted to implement new patient safety programs to reduce the number of HAIs. However, their clinical teams were too consumed by the required abstraction workload to engage in improvement initiatives.

Partnering with Q-Centrix on infection screenings:

  • Freed over 20 hours per month for the Baptist Hospital team
  • Saved over $1.2 million in penalties and costs.
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