Core Technology

Each Q-Centrix solution includes our Core Technology that augments the clinical intelligence and efficiency of our quality information specialists. The Q-Apps™ Core Technology offers unrivaled transparency into your quality with the Q-Card and Exception Reporting.


The ultimate level of partnership transparency

As the industry gold standard in accuracy, Q-Centrix has established a quality program that is unsurpassed in the market. To ensure that our partners can easily view our quality, we developed a dashboard that illustrates key performance metrics. Thanks to the unique technology found only within our quality information system, Q-Apps, the Q-Card dashboard populates element match rates within our inter-rater reliability process, historical trends in case volumes, fallouts, and much more.

Exception Reporting

An essential path to quality improvement

The Q-Centrix Exception Report ensures data accuracy by capturing and reporting each instance of a fallout or exception. Each exception is then reviewed by a member of our team of Quality Information Specialists. Once an exception is identified and confirmed by a separate team member, our technology reports the exception in real-time. The report features added details, such as provider attribution and the patient's unit, to aid in any process improvement initiatives. Partner hospitals can even provide commentary related to the findings within the report.

Case Detail

A transparent view of your invoice

Although our invoices are easy to understand, we offer our partner hospitals additional reporting to enhance transparency. Our Case Detail Report outlines each case billed for the previous month.

Intuitive Design

How is it possible to maintain our efficiency and accuracy? The Q-Apps workflow management system optimizes our production. More than 1200 quality information specialists use Q-Apps to seamlessly and efficiently report accurate quality data for hospital partners throughout the country. Among the many features that enhance our efficiency, each time a member of our team logs on to our platform they are greeted with the status of each assigned case.