“Because data collection is time-consuming and costly, any opportunity to reduce effort and cost while maintaining data quality should be pursued.”

— ACC/AHA/STS Statement on the Future of Clinical Data Registries and the Performance Measurement Enterprise

66% of healthcare executives expect to increase clinical registry participation in the next 5 years.

How will you manage growing demands? Read new research on the current trends and future expectations. 

Registry data management is complicated—even more so when hospitals participate in more than one registry, as is often the case. The Universal Registry solution is your streamlined solution, from patient admissions and data abstraction, to submission, reporting and performance improvement. We pair technology with expert-led data management to ensure medical record data elements are accurately collected and then applied across multiple registries to lower costs and improve insights.

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Modern features for easy reporting

Our simple and intuitive dashboards feature easy-to-read reports and real-time analytics with drill-down capabilities. View all your clinical data in one place and filter healthcare quality insights by facility, timeframe, and even a single patient across registries. Track progress towards key care measures throughout the data submission timeline to truly understand your quality.

We’re certified to submit data directly to: NCDR CathPCI, ACTION, ICD, AFib Ablation, STS-ACS and CCORP. And our registry abstraction and data management solution’s architecture allows for rapidly deploying future registries so we are able to continue acquiring submission authorizations at an unprecedented pace.

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