“Senior leadership was wanting more and more real-time data, and [without Q-Centrix] we would have had to add multiple FTEs to keep up with the demand.”
— Karlene Strayer, manager, quality data, Mississippi Baptist Medical Center

Real-time results

As the number and expense of penalties increase and diversify throughout different government and commercial programs, the need for real-time data that empowers clinicians to impact outcomes rises.

Q-Centrix combined its market-leading technology with more than 1200 quality information specialists to deliver real-time, accurate results. We created a tool that brought disparate information from many sources into the one place it’s needed most—at the point of care, when the benefits can truly impact outcomes.

How our concurrent review solution works:


Hospitals get a list of patient charts, using any number of mechanisms:

  • EMR
  • Reports
  • Data feed


New screens are populated within Q‑Apps.


Q‑Centrix team of Quality Information Specialists review the charts for key metrics such as measures, custom protocols, etc.


Q‑Centrix team updates the dashboard to reflect the patient chart.


The dashboard alerts hospital teams of any potential fallouts or important actions.

Friendly dashboard technology

Our concurrent review solutions use dashboard technology to easily communicate any measure or protocol to the hospital team in a delightfully simple format using red, yellow, and green indicators of status. The technology allows hospital associates and the Q‑Team to manage the entire patient chart through interactive comments. If Q‑Centrix reviewers identify neglected elements within the patients records, the hospital associates are alerted directly. Updates are reflected immediately to allow a dynamic feed of communication.

Take a peek at our technology.

Registry submissions include hundreds of data elements—including quality metrics—yet often some of these elements are missing and not available for use at the time of abstraction. Enable your quality team to identify and change behavioral outliers while the patient is still in the hospital. Q‑Centrix reviews registry data in real time with our concurrent review dashboard. Many quality fallouts are related to documentation errors and omissions. Concurrent review of registry data can help prevent these problems.

Q‑Centrix currently offers concurrent review of:

Concurrent review solutions are powered by our healthcare quality information system, Q-Apps

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