“My peers groan with envy when I tell them I partner with Q‑Centrix. They are still struggling with managing all the changing demands.”
— Patty Atkins, vice president of quality and patient safety at Sharp HealthCare

Our industry has quickly evolved to put extraordinary reporting and compliance pressure on providers who are managing diminishing resources and increasing costs. The answer isn’t adding more items to an already unrealistic to-do list. Instead, partner with a comprehensive quality partner that truly understands the market.

Q‑Centrix has a keen understanding of the challenges hospitals face daily. For more than half a decade, we’ve leveraged modern technology to augment the clinical intelligence and efficiency of our team, averaging 200,000 quality data transactions a month. Our robust portfolio of solutions drives improved quality outcomes for partner hospitals throughout the country.


How it works

At Q‑Centrix, we believe that clinicians should focus on care. In fact, all of our workflows keep clinical teams functioning at the top of their licenses. Q‑Apps, our quality information system, integrates with hospital information systems to offer solutions for regulatory quality measures, registries, infection screenings, and more. The technology augments the clinical intelligence and efficiency of our experts, who take responsibility for the accuracy of data we deliver before deadlines with an inter-rater reliability review (IRR) of more than 97% match rates.

  1. Data is extracted via our data integration engine or abstracted by our quality experts into Q‑Apps.
  2. The data is reviewed by our team for accuracy.
  3. The data is then presented via Q‑Apps for our partner hospitals to review.
  4. Data is submitted to third parties like CMS, NCDR and others.

Our specialization results in efficiency

Managing quality data—from regulatory data to screening infections, and every registry in between—distracts clinical teams from more valuable work. Wearing too many hats results in a reduction in efficiency and broken workflows. The illustration below shows that repetition creates efficiency. As the only organization doing more than 200,000 chart abstractions per month, we know this to be true. Our scale results in meticulous efficiency with the gold standard in accuracy.

Learn about our more than 1200 nurse-educated quality information specialists.

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