Instill confidence in your data

When quality data is inaccurate, it breeds mistrust among clinicians and impedes process improvement. Truth be told, accurate data is the most fundamental component of improved patient care.

That’s why Q‑Centrix developed a sophisticated inter-rater reliability review (IRR) program that delivers the gold standard in accurate quality data. Embedded into all of our solutions, our IRR process consistently delivers data element match rates of greater than 97%.

Inter-rater reliability

During the implementation process, we review all cases per topic until each team member achieves an IRR element match rate of greater than 97%. Once the engagement is live, and throughout the partnership, a sampling of cases continue to be re-abstracted for review based on our refined sampling algorithm.

A primary QIS abstracts or reviews each protocol.
All fallouts are re-abstracted or evaluated by a second QIS to confirm findings. The second QIS discusses findings with the primary specialist and, if necessary, revisions are made.
A sample of each protocol or measure completed by the primary QIS is reviewed by a Quality Auditing Representative based on our refined sampling algorithm to ensure that an element match rate of greater than 97% is achieved.
A weekly check of the vendor tool or third-party system is completed to prevent errors and ensure smooth submissions.
A weekly discussion occurs to review the Q-Card key metrics and discuss other relevant analytics with clients to identify the cause or any opportunities for performance improvement.