Seamless steps to remote access

Our lean approach to implementation ensures quick success. However, the timeline of an implementation can be largely dependent upon gaining remote access for our teams. That’s why our partners follow these seven steps to remote access.

1: During initial discussions, we determine remote access requirements needed for the QIS team, including connection method, electronic medical record (EMR), and vendor tool.

2: The partner hospital creates the requisite number of Q‑Centrix user accounts.

3: Q‑Centrix completes and returns any required security and confidentiality forms.

4: The Q‑Centrix IT designee and Service Line Leader are assigned the first two accounts to verify user profiles.

5: QIS team members are assigned to an account after user profiles are verified.

6: Final documentation is sent to our partner hospital, including a list of each team member and their assigned account.

7: The QIS team verifies access to our partner hospital’s systems and updates account passwords.

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