Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our partners have similar questions relative to our seamless implementation of their quality solutions. So, we answered the most popular questions below.

Q: Who will be our contact at Q-Centrix throughout the implementation process?

Each partner hospital is assigned a dedicated Implementation Project Manager that will be your main contact throughout the process.

Q: Who should be included on my implementation team?

We recommend that partner hospitals assign individuals to fill the following functions:

  • Project Coordinator—participates in all weekly calls and works directly with the Q‑Centrix project manager.
  • Quality Representative—plays a lead role in informing Q‑Centrix of your quality program requirements and abstraction workflow.
  • IT and Security Support—addresses all aspects of the IT setup required.
  • Access Administration—coordinates the processing of any forms, ID’s, and passwords.

These roles may be filled by the same person or multiple individuals.

Q: How can we help make the implementation process run smoothly?

Gaining remote access is the number one delay in our implementations. As a helpful tool, we developed the Steps to Remote Access. Our goal is to gain IT access for our team members within seven days of the initial request.

Q: How do we prepare prior to the first implementation call?

To prepare for the first call:

  • Ensure your assigned team members are educated on the specific details of the project and understand the importance of their role in making the implementation a success.
  • Explore the IT systems Q‑Centrix will need for remote access. If you have an existing remote access method for your employees, we may attempt to replicate it for our team members.
  • Collect any confidentiality forms and/or security agreements that will need to be completed to send to your Q‑Centrix Implementation Project Manager.

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