Seamless delivery of your quality information solutions

After more than 650 implementations in more than 600 hospitals nationwide, we’ve optimized a program to seamlessly deliver your solutions. Our implementation program delivers a lean, well-organized deployment and delivery process that gets your quality solution up and running efficiently to ensure you’re live quickly.

We are fully accountable for your success from kickoff to go-live, and throughout our entire partnership. A dedicated project manager takes responsibility for staffing your quality team, integrating the necessary technology, and ensuring timely and efficient operations.

Prior to go live, we validate that our Quality Information Specialists have secure access and are performing at our quality thresholds of greater than 97% element match rates within our inter-rater reliability process. Only after meeting these requirements do we consider implementation complete.

An outline of our deployments

Our implementations include:

Comprehensive data mapping and workflow
We analyze where each piece of data is located and design optimal access maps to obtain the right data.
Information system access

We work collaboratively with your team to gain the most efficient and secure remote access.

Abstractor credentialing
Working within your information security policies, we ensure all Q-Centrix team members are appropriately credentialed to access the data.
Abstractor validation
With the credentials established, we validate the ability of each Q-Centrix team member to access the data.
System orientation and validation
Before go live, we run a comprehensive system validation to ensure all Q-Centrix team members can access, review, and report the correct data.
First team go live
A milestone in the process, we begin working in a live environment pending quality validation.
Quality review process
As a validation step, we hold all go-live cases in a pending stage until a separate team of quality auditing representatives validate a greater than 97% inter-rater reliability score.
Post-orientation validation
As an ultimate check to confirm success, we conduct a final review of our process to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

After implementation and throughout the engagement, we present key performance metrics via our Q-Card to our partners detailing our performance, and review their satisfaction.

Remote access is key to timely implementation

How we do it