Your QIS team

Having performed more than 650 deployments, we understand that every organization is different. That’s why each QIS team is handpicked from our deep bench of experts to meet the needs of our partners. Our QIS team possesses proficiency across federal and state measures, national registries, proprietary measures, infection screenings, readmissions, and more. Each team is designed as a permanent extension of your facility who will seamlessly follow your unique documentation practices, communicate frequently, and share your commitment to success.

First 60 days

Your implementation begins with a dedicated Implementation Manager. The Implementation Manager is your primary contact, giving you complete visibility into the implementation process.
Simultaneously, your dedicated delivery team is being assembled and assigned. This includes your Account Manager, team leaders, and quality information specialists.
Throughout the first 60 days of the partnership, Q-Centrix will work to quickly eliminate any existing backlogs and train the "balanced team." The Q-Centrix balanced team philosophy safeguards our incredible expertise within each partnership and eliminates the potential of any completely "new" team dynamic.

Your permanent team can be trained and deployed in as few as 60 days.

Your QIS team

Early in the partnership, you’ll be introduced to a few of your team members.

The Account Manager takes ultimate responsibility for your satisfaction with our partnership. They will become an integral part of your department.

The Service Line Leader is the organizational expert on your solution. They will play an integral role in selecting your team.

The Team Leader manages your solution-specific QIS team.

Separate and independent Quality Auditing Representatives assist with the IRR process and train new team members throughout the partnership.

Solution-specific Quality Information Specialists manage your data. This team is audited to ensure greater than 97% element match rates throughout the partnerships.

Multiple service lines

Our typical partner uses two or more of our solutions. Therefore, the team model may include several team leaders who manage separate teams of solution-specific QIS's. However, as your account grows you will always maintain one account manager. Your account manager will have an understanding of your entire account and ensure that you’re satisfied with the solutions you receive.

The diagram below outlines a multi-solution team model.

Our technology augments our teams’ clinical intelligence and efficiency

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